Just do it!

19 05 2009

This isn’t a Nike ad… but I do have to say they have a really great advertising department.

I was thinking about it the other day, and people are always on about whose turn it is .. and how many times they have done this task and how much they are owed.. blah blah blah.

Don’t deny it, you’ve done it, thought it and even said it.  But I already did this, or I’ve done this 10 times.. it’s your damn turn.  And fair enough no one should have to take out someone else’s trash 16times a week.  At the same time, really what’s the point in getting all self righteous?

Honestly I don’t have any stones to throw, living in a glass house like I do.  But this all crossed my mind the other day when I was washing a sink of dishes.   See one problem with the whole ‘turn business’ is everyone remembers the times they have cleaned but are generally a little fuzzy on how often they dirty things and someone else cleaned it up.

I have roommates, and sometimes I don’t wash a dish and sometimes they don’t.  I used to be super childish about it and religiously only wash my dishes, or nothing at all.  Now I just wash whatever is in the sink, because it’s just stupid.  Same with the trash and recycling, I just haven’t been home to do it recently, but the last couple of times I did do it I remember thinking.. GOOD my turn is done… WTF that’ stupid so if it’s not my turn I’m just going to not take it out?  If it’s full I’m just going to take it out.    Ok everyone knows that, but do you just do it because it needs to be done or do you do it all ‘captain resentful’ like?  That’s what I used to do.. get all uppity in my head..

I suspect it’s what everyone does, you can read it in their body language, comments, conversations with other people etc  So if it’s such a universal trait, where did it come from?  Why does everyone get like this?  Where do we learn it?

I gave this some thought, and I really think we learn it from our parents (and they from theirs).  I’m sure it was meant and started out as an everyone needs to pull their own weight and keep the farmstead going but society has evolved.  Our society has a significantly more whinge-y, me me me, what do I get sort of attitude.  And this has translated over to household chores, we refuse to do anything that might be someone else’s responsibility.

My cold hard honest assessment on this whole thing?  GROW UP

Seriously, just grow up if it needs to be done then just do it.  There are exceptions to every rule for sure, but generally speaking suck it up.   And I’m not giving myself any artificial pats on the back, the shouting GROW Up is something I mentally yell at myself every time I catch myself whining (to myself).

Watch out the inner voice.. it can be a real problem.  More often than not it sabotages you, and plants little seeds of negativity in your head. 😀



5 responses

19 05 2009

omg – that is exactly why I never survived having roommates in my early twenties…. I HATED picking up the slack for everyone else. Looking back, I was probably being too picky about how tidy I expected our place to be 🙂 Are you saying I was immature? MOI?!? I don’t believe it!!!

19 05 2009

LOL I know man glass houses glass houses ….

It’s funny I feel like I need to tell people this isn’t a passive aggressive jab at anyone it’s just something I was thinking about 🙂

19 05 2009
peggy vince

I think most of use do this after we have children because they are to little to pick up after them self’s and then you are just used to doing it . that is when most people grow up in this way

19 05 2009

Yep, I listen to my friends kids. They have a chore list. Mom yells “are the cats fed?” Three voices chorus back “it’s not MY turn”. Future Captain Resentfuls in the making.

I’m not bad at this. My area of glass house more lies in the “it’s not MY job”. Gardening, cutting of the lawn, taking out of the garbage. Those areas are not my job, and therefore I don’t do them. Well, I’ll take out the garbage if it’s ridiculously full to the point that I cannot jam more in and close the cupboard. But I will try jamming first. Cuz it’s not MY job.

20 05 2009

Mom I don’t have kids 😛

Dee… Oh Potato Patato!!! Same same I say! It’s not my turn it’s not my job. LOL I still think it’s interesting how universal the whole this is. Clearly we are social animals, expecting to co-habitate with others thus it’s possible to be someone else’s job or turn, If we were built (mentally) to be alone I don’t think that would happen.

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