Rid Yourself of the Beast (part 2)

17 05 2009

Aaaaaand … we’re back

So to recap, I went into the pro’s and cons of  shaving and waxing.  On to the others…. chemical, Epilator, lazer, threading

Now Chemical hair remove has always struck me as a little hinkie, I mean you slather some hardcore paint thinner type stuff on your skin wait for it to essentially dissolves your hair and you rinse it off in the shower.   Really? There is always the superfine sandpaper route that again I have to say WTF?? You want me to sand the hair off?  I’ve heard threading can be nice, but I have absolutely  no personal experience in the area so other than I have heard good things I have nothing to add.

On to epilating, technically any form of ripping the hairs out (waxing, tweezing, epilator, etc) is epilating, but it’s more common for people to refer to epilating as using a little epilating machine.  Now back in the day when the things first came out (remember that twisting wire that spun around a twisted metal rod? If you don’t… yes it’s as bad as you’re imagining) they sucked and where the 7th layer of evil.  All skin pinching and torturous, good times.

A couple years back a friend mentioned they had new ones now that didn’t blow ass, and cost less than a single waxing.  Well I’m cheap as hell, so sign me up!

I have to start out with, DO NOT START WITH EPILATORS!  If you have been waxing for a while and are pretty comfi with that then it’s great.  It takes a little longer and is a little more uncomfortable than waxing, but the results are generally the same.  I just watch a little TV, and get my epilate on.   That said I can’t do all the places myself, some hard to reach spots and a few places that it it’s more uncomfortable than I’m interested in doing, but generally speaking it’s the right price and does the job for my lower legs (and strangely most of the bikini line).

Last but not least,(especially in cost, Laser.  Lasering in a nice way to go because it REALLY kills the follicles dead, it’s not too drawn out and the pain level is moderate.  I’ve heard the feeling described as snapping an elastic on your skin, that’s a pretty decent description but it’s a light snapping.  Plus they can turn the intensity of the laser up or down, obviously higher hurts more but is more effective, you do get a little skin burn from it sometimes, but it’s gone within an hour or two.  The frustrating part is that it’s quite expensive and it takes several treatments to get where you want to be.  It all depends on your personal growth cycles, but I have noted a significant permanent difference (speaking of I need to make an appointment).

So there you have it, shaving blows chunks because you have the hair back extra bristly in a day or less even.  Waxing is FABO, but a little costly and often a skitch inconvenient.  And laser is the way, but it costs an arm a leg and three fingers.  Nothing is perfect :).

Oh I almost forgot!  While in Brazil I saw this funny fashion trend, that is actually quite interesting if you think about it.  Some people grew their leg hair out and then bleached it super blond.  What made that funny was it was usually black girls and guys who did it so they were cruising around with golden fuzz on their arms and legs :D.  I do it on my arms sometimes, and it’s pretty cool, I have no problem with arm hair but it’s just nicer blond, and far less notable to others if it’s important to you.

Hope this was helpful or interesting 🙂



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