PICKLES and Bananas

17 05 2009

Yeah that title came from a complete lack of inspiration.. meh waddya gonna do?

So my sister is mad at me..  Well not so much mad as mildly irked.. oh she’ll deny it, but ti’s there a smidgen of animosity.  I can sniff it, I can I can.

Now how or why could anyone ever be irked with someone as precious and lovely as me you ask?  I just don’t know, she must be a cranky and disturbed chicky poo.. yes I’m sure that’s it… It can’t be related to the fact that she asked me to do something weeks (yes really weeks) ago and I still haven’t done it.  That would just be silly.

Now in my defense before you all jump up and down accusing me of being a big suck face, she did ask me to do something.  And made the task wildly vague, with no real guidance of what she wanted!  Other than hey can you write a guest sport or two something along the lines of a sports injuries for dummies.  Sounds simple right?

WRONG… what the hell am I meant to write about.. where do you start?  Where do you end?  It’s a heck of a lot harder than you might think.  Imagine if you will, that someone asks you a simple everything and then asks you to give them 10 examples I bet you money you get stuck!

So I have thought of a couple of topics I could mention, but how much do I say?  How much is too much how much is to little… the pressure is making me MAD 😀  While I was running today I came up with the little plan.  I’m thinking I’m going to try to write a weekly little blurb (although I’m a little chatty, so might be long blurbs).  I hope I’m doing it right 😀

Well lets get it started:

This week’s Topic:    Muscle Cramping

Most people who have worked out, especially if you go hard have experienced some kind of muscle spasming or cramping.  It can range from odd feeling to down right crushingly painful.

There are several things that you can do about these things, which btw, are perfectly normal.  First of all, stretching before and after you do pretty much anything can not only prevent injuries and painful cramps but it actually helps you get in and stay in better shape.   So you should always remember to stretch the muscles that you will be using or have used, this helps prevent the build up of lactic acid in your muscles.  This will minimize general stiffness and soreness.

Another little pearl of workout wisdom that I thought of while I was running, is about bananas.  Bananas you say?  Yup.. Bananas.  Now this falls under the category of I assume everyone knows this, but I often think everyone knows about these things and I’m frequently wrong :P.  The whole banana business crossed my mind while I was running today, one of my muscles started to cramp and I though.. shit.. I need to buy some bananas when I get home.  See the potassium in bananas is like magic, it stops and prevents your muscles from freaking out.  The other major causes of cramping are dehydration and possibly calcium deficiency.  But 9 times out of 10 a Banana does the trick.. plus they have the added bonus of being yummy.

I am giving everyone the benefit of the doubt that you all know to drink at least a liter or two of water a day (dehydration is the main cause of headaches).  The whole banana thing is great for all kinds of muscle cramping, exercise related or not.

Ok there was my first attempt, if it sucks, my bad.  If it’s helpful and informative (fingers crossed!!!) then yeah!



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