JAZZ Bush!!!

16 05 2009

Remember that movie bring it on?  With the choreographer and his jazz hands?  heh , ok I just spent way too long looking for a clip.. forget it.. if you don’t know.. tough 😛

The point was a while back we were talking about ‘personal grooming’, and how a lot of people especial local here are not big on the same style as westerners.  Heh cryptic enough?

We were talking about crotch fur.  Waxing, trimming etc.  How the one waxer in Taipei tends to do a full porn star job, cleans everything up in whatever way you want.  As her clients all seem to be foreigners, we wondered if she has local clients and what they get done.  Again this sparks the convo (that comes up whenever the whole ‘grooming’ things comes up) about guys needing to trim too (and a lot of western guys do it actually) and then the whole scary lions coming at you in the locker rooms in gyms.

In change rooms here at yoga and the gym, people just cruse around starkers.  With MAD untamed bush!  Seriously, mad.  This last we were chatting about it,  I coined the ultimate term… ready?

Jazz Bush

…. you need to say it with pizazz and do the jazz hands near your crotch, for the full effect that is 😀

Moving along.  Remember that post I made about the shaving vs waxing business?  Well after several months of  ‘experimentation’, I have made some conclusions.

First the different commonly used forms of depilation/epilation (aka hair removal):

shaving, waxing (sugaring), chemical, Epilator, lazer, threading

I have tried all of the above at some time or another (plus quite a number of others.. including this very freaky sandpapering of the skin.. really??)

On to the results, aka my opinions 😉

Shaving: Ok, if you’re are into instant gratification then this is your bag.   It’s an incredibly quick way to get your legs and armpits silky smooth.  Very satisfying in the short term.  No pain, (unless you’re an ass and cut yourself) and comparatively quick and easy.

Sounds great right?  Well then what’s the problem?  If it’s so great why is everyone looking for different and better ways to get rid of hair.  Well there is the whole ‘myth’ that shaving makes more hair grow.  Which I have not actually been able to prove or disprove, but according to some research and logic it’s probably not actually true.  Most people start shaving when they hit puberty, which is when your hormones change and you start developing more hair.  You shave more grows back, voila!  A ‘fact’ is born.  So if that’s not true then what is the problem?

The issue is it grows back fast, to keep it smooth you’d likely need to re-shave everyday or every other day.  On top of that, the hairs have been cut off with a very sharp blade and usually at an angle.  If you cut something with a sharp blade, especially at angle, the object you cut has a sharp edge itself.  Who cares, right? Just little bitty hairs, right?  WRONG.. 10,000 needle sharp little threads, FEELS AWESOME, just like stroking a stiff brush.  Nothing says sexing like scratchy scrubbies all over.

Personally I find that it feels great at the time but by the end of the day if you go ‘against the grain’ you get bristle alert.  So not the best option in my books.

Waxing (sugaring): If you’re not familiar with this (have you been living under a log??) It’s using any kind of stick crap, smoother over your skin and then pulled off quickly (in the opposite direction as the hair growth) removing the hairs by their roots.  If done correctly, it’s over moderately quickly and leaves you SUPER smooth for a couple of weeks.  It is more time consuming than shaving, but I think if you did the math, you would find the length of time it lasts and how much time is spend getting it done either equals out or works in favour of waxing.  Plus it comes with the added benefits of actually reducing the amount of hair growth (a precious few die and just never come back), removing dead skin cells, because the hairs are pulled not cut they grow back with soft tips and usually a bit thinner than before.  Tearing them out of the follicle weakens it and the hairs grow back finer.

Sounds good right?  Downside?  Well it can be a little pricey, it runs anywhere from $50 a pop to $200 , it takes a bit of time to get done, plus the pain of booking an appointment and going there.  Many people feel that it is very painful and not worth it to them.  Honestly, it hurts at the beginning but after a couple of times it’s really not that bad.  Plus there are several things you can do to minimize the discomfort.  1 DO NOT get waxed 3 days before or in the first three days of your period… seriously don’t do that.  It fricken hurts, even me the old veteran that thinks it doesn’t hurt.  2 Make sure your skin is clean, that means exfoliating (not too vigorously) and not using any lotions or anything on the areas before hand.  3 try to avoid getting waxed during really cold weather, your body holds on like hell when it’s cold.  Waxing really is your friend.

JESUS this is long.. ok I’m actually going to post this, take a break and come back to it later.

….. to be continued



2 responses

17 05 2009

Waxing also sucks if you are allergic to the wax. Do an allergy test. Trust me on this one.

17 05 2009

true but they have hypo allergenic wax… it’s green 🙂

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