Better Facebooking 101

13 05 2009

Everyone seems to have stopped bitching about the changes to Facebook, but after speaking with many friends it’s apparent that most people haven’t discovered the good changes.

Honestly, before the changes I almost never did anything on Facebook, because I often didn’t see the people I wanted and there was too much ‘stuff’ to shift and sort through to find things that I found interesting. Plus they use that little algorithm to judge who you are close to and show you more of their updates, but it’s not always accurate.

So I made this video that Kinda sucks, if I’m being honest, to break down what I do now. I only spend a few mins checking updates and making comments, I see everyone I want to, and I’m WAY more active. I’ve stayed in touch with and reconnected with way more people than the masses previously allowed me to do.

INSTRUCTIONS: Basically you just go to the box, on the left click on create button. Make a list, such as ‘good friends’ etc and add people to the list, once you’re done click on save. Then go to the box on the left again, click on more then drag your personalized lists up to the top.

For more (BORING) details watch the video 🙂

There is also a little blurb about security features at the end.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!  Please let me know if this was helpful for you 🙂



2 responses

13 05 2009

Wow. Too much time on your hands?

13 05 2009

Now that I don’t spend anytime on Facebook… yes.. smarty pants

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