Happy Mother’s Day

11 05 2009

Normally I would try to be creative.. make some kind of video… or do something but I’m not really in the mood 🙂

Besides I got my mom an early Mother’s day / Birthday gift anyway.  And I called and talked with her for a while about this that and the other as well.  She is ecstatic so I’m pretty sure I’ve filled my quota for awesome daughter-ing right now anyway. 😀  This might even top the replacing of windshield wipers!!

Happy Mothers Day to All the Mum’s in my life, Mine of course, My sister, My sister’s sister, Nadine, Jo-anne, Cheryl, Aunty Lin, Ane everyone else.

Loves and kisses 🙂




2 responses

12 05 2009

Thanks bunches 🙂 love ya

12 05 2009

No prob! kiss kiss

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