Sigh, well it was a good distraction :(

10 05 2009

This was the day I got him, they had put this little shirt on him so cute but he was NOT impressed. I miss kitty.

I was all reved up and ranging between being pissed and laughing at the silly craziness of it all.. but I just walked past the couch (his usual public napping spot) and thought he was there reached out to pet him.. and realized he was gone for the 5th time today.  Now I’m sad again.  😦 I miss him more than I would have expected, he wasn’t the awesomest cat and he was a little too ‘street’ for my tastes.  But I still miss Caju.

Plus I just heard from the girl who all arrows point to, she says it’s wasn’t her and has no idea why I’m so pissed off at her.  I have no hard evidence it was her and I like to believe the best of people so I’ll take her word for it.  I’d rather not think that anyone is that shitty of a person (although that does leave another shit person who not only left cruel comments, but also possible used another person’s name while doing it.) Whatever I’m so done with the whole thing.



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11 05 2009

I can’t read your blog post about the shitty commentor, but let me just say in general that you need to take your power back, Mag. Someone shit on you, and you need to shower it off. It’s sad that someone is so negative in their own life that they feel the need to cruelly bring someone else down. Feel sorry for how pathetic they are, and move on.

I’m so sorry you are missing your kitty. I know what you mean. I didn’t realize how much I loved Topaz until she was gone. I always talked of how much I hated her… but wow. She left a huge whole in the house when she was gone.

Day by day, Mag. Mourn when you feel the need. It’s human. You’re allowed.

11 05 2009

Thanks, Honestly I don’t know who is was the girl w3ho it seemed very clear it was told me it wasn’t her, plus I searched them name/email on facebook and there was someone with that Name in Taiwan… I almost got mad all over again..b ut.. it’s just not worth it. It was fun through the day as a distraction but in the end it’s was a ll just stupid.

12 05 2009

I felt that way about Brownie – I despised cleaning his cage, and often felt resentful about the fact that no one took care of him but me (most of the time) but I sure did miss him when he was gone. He was better company than I ever realized! Hugs, you WILL feel better.

12 05 2009

Yeah it’s all good I feel pretty good now, I kinda want to get another one but I’m concerned there might be conflict over it with my roommate

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