Poor Kitty :(

9 05 2009

I would like to open this with there is no need for a huge outpouring of sympathy and sorrow… just basic sorry to hear that is more than sufficient (aka I don’t really like over active Drama)  Also, please no advice or pointing out any mistakes on my/our part I really don’t want to hear it and it won’t be appreciated.

abs 010Ok that said, on the with the bad news.  I got home from Dragon Boat practice this morning, and noticed that the cat wasn’t really hanging around.  I didn’t think about it much since he usually hides in the (underside) of the couch.  But after a few hours I started to wonder where my fuzz ball had gotten to.  So we started to have a little look for him.  He wasn’t in any of his usual haunts, and I got really weirded out.. not worried so much as I’ve ‘lost him’ so many times and he shows up yawning from some little hidy hole hours later.

Image000We ended up searching the house and just couldn’t find him, at which point we started looking over the balconies cringing in fear of seeing s little broken orange body.. but nothing.  Mystery hour.  hu  Oh well he’ll probably turn up later sometime.   I took a nap because I was really tired and Tracey did her taxes.  Trace woke me up when Melissa arrived and we went to the roof to have a little tan.  We got back to the house and still no Kitty… ok.. well something is wrong did anyone leave the door open?  No, Has anyone seen him since last night? No.  Uh oh.. ok now Logically we know something has happened to him, but while we’re discussing how he must have fallen off the balcony (logically speaking).  Image016Could he have survived the fall, what if he did and he was really badly hurt.  Well at that point we couldn’t live with out looking for him.

So we went down stairs and asked the security Guard if anyone had seen anything or reported seeing our cat.  And that we were afraid that he might have fallen off the balcony.  Then we went looking in the bushes on the first floor to make sure he wasn’t wounded laying in the bushes.  And while I was braced to find him clearly I wasn’t.

abs 011

I was the one who found  him, he was laying under a bench in my landlords back yard, bloody and broken.  I was horrified and shocked.   I know it’s no ones fault, but I feel horrible.  I was afraid the little dumb ass would fall off the balcony before but he spent so much time out there and nothing came of it so I stopped worrying about it.  Image000The worst part is I have no idea when it happened… the last time anyone noted seeing him was yesterday evening… and we can’t get at him because his body is in a fenced back yard.

So I’m completely horrified at the terrifying way he died and the worst part is he fell in the yard and then his last moments (god I pray they were only moments) were laying broken and bleeding terrified in the back yard being harassed by my landlord’s little army of dogs.  😦

Image122Needless to say, it pretty much ruined my weekend.  The worst part is I didn’t even like him all that much, but recently he’s been really well behaved.  He hasn’t been peeing on anything, he’s been a lot friendlier.. yeah..  All around a sucky day.

On another note, it was a beautiful day, and other than the cat it was a pretty good day.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Caju Image136





5 responses

9 05 2009

Poor Cat
Poor Mag

(is that drama-free enough? 🙂


9 05 2009

omg, that so sucks. Poor furball. It is sad.

future note, if you ever get a cat again, don’t go for orange. They tend to be jerks.

9 05 2009

perfect Tonya, thanks 🙂

@Dee, yeah it really does. I might get a cat again but I’m a little gun shy right now. This was hard and I wasn’t very attached bc he was a jerk. It would have been so much worse if he’d been a sweety. Although as I mentioned he’s been a really nice cat recently, really friendly and well behaved (Tracey’s BF is here and played with him all the time). Maybe he was poorly behaved bc he was lonely.

Shane went to ‘identify the body’ when my landlord called bc I couldn’t, and he said it was pretty horrible but the saving grace was that he couldn’t have lived for very long. I feel better know that even though it was horrible it didn’t last too long.

12 05 2009

Sorry, Mag – poor little bugger anyways. You know you did your best, right?

12 05 2009

yeah, thanks 🙂

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