Hiking and Stupid Neighbors

3 05 2009

So I was thinking about staying home and chilling out but I finally decided at the last min that it might be fun to hang out with people and meet some new people.  Plus they said the hike is an easy little hike, it specifically said that little kids and old people do the hike.  So it must just be a nice little mountain stroll right?


5may-3rd-050This epitomized everything I hate about hiking… and the worst part is I’m my own worst enemy.  I realized and knew that it so very wasn’t for me when we started.. about 100m into the trail it got all horrid and I knew I just KNEW I should have turned back.  But peer pressure, and I hate looking like a wus etc… So I don’t turn back.  I mean this is a hike for kids and old folks it probably is just kinda crap for a little bit but it’ll level out and we a nice little mountain stroll.. yup. it will.


I hate the guy who organized the hike.. with all my being I hate him.  And then he didn’t even show on the hike so I couldn’t ask does it just stay like this???  By the time I realized it wasn’t getting any better everyone didn’t feel very comfortable with my going back down on my own.  Very steep, probably quite dangerous.

5may-3rd-075Now if you like hiking, then you would probably love it.  All kinds of rocks to clamber over ‘amazing views’ etc.  But it’s just not my scene… I know I run 1/2 marathons, regularly bike (on flat places) all kinds of things.  But hiking is NOT my things… I grew up in the mountains in Northern Canada … so it kinda takes something wild to impress me.  meh…

Anyway After all that I finally got home.. was so tired and hungry.  Tracey was using the kitchen so I kinda had to wait a little so I could cook my dinner,  Meanwhile Shane is on the balcony BBQing some chicken for him and Tracey.

Now it’s happened before, our mental security guard came up and had a fit because he thought I was burning the house down.  Now, fair enough I understand it’s important for them to check but … really.  People just freak out here when they don’t understand something.   People around here (it actually a cultural thing .. but understanding it doesn’t make me like it.. I still wanna fucking knock some sense into people) tend to be super ridiculous.. they complain to security or the landlord about every little thing… People do little shit that bugs me all the time.. but if it were a big enough deal for me to say something about I would go to them to say it.

Not here… people get to be mental and super CHILDISH because they are encouraged to do so.  It’s an entire culture of enabling, if you whine and complain people will do something for you.  If you act like an adult and deal with your problems in a mature fashion, well you’re just stepping out of the bounds of the acceptable chain of command.

So tonight, just as I’ve got to sit down to my dinner (that I had to wait to cook, not a big deal but just points to later time) the door bell rings.  So I go tot he door and it’s my landlord and he’s in a tizzy because the neighbors complained about the bbq.  So it turns out they did this big tv thing telling people to not bbq in (as in the living room) the house because of carbon monoxide.  ok well one .. It’s a GAS BBQ, with volcanic rock… it’s not the same damn thing.  Morons.  So I spend 20 mins trying to explain things to him, he finally gets it but then starts going on about a million other stupid things, I ended up getting really pissed off.  I go off on a tirade about the million stupid little things the neighbors do that I don’t incessantly run to his door to bitch about.

It all seems to have worked out alright in the end… but I eventually had to kick him out so I could eat my dinner.   The finally conclusion was not to use it too late at night and he’ll try to educate people on the differences between charcoal and gas bbq’s.  You’d think that it would be common knowledge, but it’s kinda a backward country sometimes and gas bbq’s have only started to be easily bought in the past couple of years (you could get them before, but super hard to find and ouber expensive, so the locals never bothered).

I’m sure from my violent rant about curb stomping my neighbors, it seems more crazy than it was.  But really it was just SUPER frustraiting.  😛 I’m kinda over it now.. I’m super tired now 😀



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4 05 2009

rofl – for one, I saw your pics of the hike and it looked freakishly dangerous, I can’t imagine parents allowing little kids to do a hike like that, although I’m sure kids would get through it better than I would have 🙂 Secondly, booooooo to shitty neighbors. In fact, booooooo to stupid, whiny people in general. Maybe you need to get good at their own game. Like if they so much as fart in your direction, go bitch about it. Every single time! Maybe that’ll shut ’em up. Then again, you may start a bit of a pissing match….

4 05 2009

While I would have loved your hike, I completely empathize with your feelings about it. I felt the same way on the Vista Run last year, and it completely turned me off of racing for the rest of my freakin life. If I had known what it was going to be like (rough terrain, running up and down ravines and jumping over logs and shit) I would have been prepared for it, and probably would have enjoyed it. But as I had no idea, a crazy false start that made the entire thing a nightmare of pressure, and all that, i hate hate hated it. So yeah, I totally get it. Great for some people. Not me. Not today. Maybe not ever. *arms crossed in a huff*

4 05 2009
peggy vince


When are you going to remember that you need to follow your gut. Some people are born with the ability of knowing things ahead of time. when a person like that gets the feeling that something is going to be shit, they should turn around immediately and leave. One showed not be so influenced our peer and we should certainly not bow to peer pressure. I do feel bad that a bad time. but To really you get a bad feeling for a reason. I could see you not following it if it was ever wrong but its not. You have never liked hiking. A nice walk in the woods or a nice walk in a park ( like Mountain place with all the stairs ) and you were a happy girl.

As for your crazy neighbors it is a pain in the butt that they bitch all the time to the landlord. And you’re right it is a cultural thing doesn’t make it any more pleasant and sorry that you had to put up with the headache. But I’m afraid they’re annoying behavior is something you just get out of love with the matter how childish. I also know how hard it is for you to put up with. You have my sympathy and as you know people Canada are just as stupid and just as annoying.

4 05 2009
Derek Neighbors

Best hiking story evar! Loved the commentary.

4 05 2009

It’s ok I’ve decided to torch the whole building to teach them a lesson !!

5 05 2009

i wish you had curb stomped them or at least gave them the pimp hand;]

5 05 2009

LOL *waves!!! Hi Sarafina 🙂 I didn’t know you popped in on my blog, hooray!

10 05 2009


10 05 2009
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