All the King’s Horses, and all the King’s Men…

25 04 2009

I was thinking of a title along the line of putting things back together, and that seemed like a fun way to say it :D.

I believe I briefly mentioned some of the heath issues I was having, actually I was pretty clear on most things but I was very vague about the heart issues.  Honestly, I didn’t want to talk about it for a couple of reasons, one being I didn’t want to cause everyone to panic and freak out, and I didn’t want to freak my self out.  On top of that there really wasn’t much to tell.  I saw a Cardiologist who told me I had an arrhythmia, that it didn’t seem all that serious, and he gave me some heart medication to try to treat it.

But the medication didn’t improve the situation, the problem seemed to get worse.  The doctor and on-line research both said the same things, that unless you have heart disease (which I don’t) that the usual causes of irregular heart beats are pretty normal and all you need to do is reduce what ever it is that is the problem, and (theoretically) it should be all ok.

But the causes are smoking, caffeine, and stress.  Well I don’t smoke and I never have, I don’t drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages (to occasional cup of tea just doesn’t count, we’re talking one cup a week).  So that leaves stress.  But hey I’m not stressed out… so I just have mysterious scary heart problems that nothing seems to treat or make better?  Fuck off!!!

As I said I went to see my Chinese doctor last week and I really started to improve.  He told me that I have been wildly stressed out, and while I may not know it or recognise it, he could tell and it was wreaking havoc on my body.  And that the heart thing is most deff due to stress.  Well I usually use exercise and hard physical activity as a stress reducer, but kinda hard to have a good run when walking was making me wheeze like and emphysema patient.  😛

Meanwhile somethings at work have been coming to a head, and I realized that I need to suck it up and take some damn responsibility for my own stress.  I mean Christ I’m the one that chose to work so much, I’m the one that filled up all my evenings with work… stupid really.

Just making the decision to change all that helped a lot.  I told Editing that I just can’t work this much and cancelled most of my shifts.  Plus I had to come to terms with the guilt I was having, because I have a friend who needs work and I’m just throwing it away because I ‘just don’t wanna’.  In the end I decided my heath and happiness was work more to me that a few thousand NT (couple hundred $) .

Another reason I was pushing myself to work so much was, I need to save money because I’m going away for the summer.  But I did the math and even at the basic amount of money I can save in the next 2-3 months turns out to be just the right amount that I think I’ll need.  Yay… so NO more working till I’m stressed all to hell and have freaking heart problems.

21-april-003BTW, since I ‘ve made the decision to take some evenings off, and not worry so much about things I have only had one or two small attacks and I’m almost better, went biking the other day, and dragon boating this morning. 🙂

Ok time to have a nappy poo.  Off to SA day bbq this afternoon 🙂

ps… look my plant are growing, too slowly though.. pout . I WANT A MOJITO 😀



6 responses

25 04 2009
peggy vince

so where are you going this summer?

25 04 2009
peggy vince

I am glad you are feeling better. love mom

25 04 2009

Yay for feeling better 🙂 Glad you are on the mend. Too much work and not enough play time/down time were taking their toll in a pretty serious way, glad you did something about it!!! Nice mint plants. Just want to mention that my squash plants are bigger – so they are better…. neener neener.

26 04 2009

Glad to hear you are taking care of you. SOMEBODY has to!

30 04 2009

hey chick, where are you going this summer? Canada??!! huh, huh?

30 04 2009

We’ll see 😀

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