Don’t be an ass, this is NOT spam ;)

21 04 2009

Submitted on 2009/04/20 at 5:45am Yooo.. I kno it has nothing to do with what you wrote, but have you ever heard of  (some link to some bull shit site that is selling some stupid thing) . They seems to promise free ringtones PS. Dont be an ass, this is NOT spam 😉

.. that was a comment left on my blog… Really.. is that all it takes?  All you have to do now in a spam message is tell the person not to be an ass, and that this message is NOT spam and that will convince them?

What is it the Capital letters?  Christ what if they had used BOLD too.. I would have been swooning to allow this fool leave spam, garbage links on my site.

Here’s the really sick thing… I bet most people WOULD bloody well fall for it.  I mean for half a second I hesitated, but since I know how to write that kind of stuff to let people think a form letter was just for them.. etc I recognize the signs..  For those of you who don’t know .. .. it’s a big tip off when someone is really familiar and you don’t know who they are.  Now to be fair I know (kinda) a lot of people and I misplace where I know some people from, so I often give people the benefit of the doubt.  I send an email or a message just to confirm how I know them.

But telling someone not to be an ass, is a sign of closeness… and there is no one I’m close enough to for them to feel comfortable enough to call me an ass and me not know who they are.  Ding ding… spam.

😀  There are a lot of ways to tell stuff is form letter style, but really most of the time it’s harmless actually it makes you feel good and is often in your best interests.  (but this dude is a doofus)




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22 04 2009

*eye roll*

22 04 2009

I so wanted to leave a comment as Anonymous saying “don’t be an ass”… but it’s not funny enough to warrant the extra typing.

23 04 2009

…hmm? Oh sorry…was just trying to update my phone’s ringtone using this special offer. Apparently I’ll rock harder and longer than ever before…

23 04 2009


24 04 2009
James Lick

If they have to say “this isn’t a chain letter” then it is.
If they have to say “this isn’t a virus” then it is.
If they have to say “this isn’t a hoax” then it is.
If they have to say “this isn’t an urban legend” then it is.
If they have to say “this isn’t spam” then it is.

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