15 04 2009

I really don’t know what is going on with me… I’m still sick.. I’m wheezing like an old man… I can’t sleep.. now I’m elbow hurts like I’ve wrenched it.. but I haven’t… and now I’m wallowing in self pitty…

I’m also crying like a big stupid baby… and I have no idea why…

Before anyone jumps on the SADS wagon I got all kinds of lovely sun on Sat… so unfortunately that’s not it.



3 responses

15 04 2009

Oh sweets… you need some mommy lovin. Someone to sit and stroke your hair and make you nummy chicken soup to make the ows go away.

Sucks being sick. Sucks more half way round the world.

15 04 2009

Dee’s right – you’re tough as nails, but even you need to be taken care of every now and then 🙂 lots of room here in Canada for you *hint hint* hugs!

15 04 2009

Hey Beautiful, it seems you are having a snow ball effect of bad things happining to you, My question is and one you should ask is what is different from when things were going well to now? someone new your haning out with, someone new in your house recently, new co-worker, animals, plants objects, one of these things has brought in very very negative energy to you and you are not aware of it. once you figure out what it is, get rid of it, or block it. Things will pick up!! sending lots of LOVE from across the water xoxoxoxox

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