Have the Google Gods Deamed me Worthy?

9 04 2009

Dude.. wtf is going on… Ok I am generally a skitch confused by the fact that my blog gets anywhere from 20-50 hits on a normal day.  But to add mystery to the pot recently, I’ve been getting MAD traffic on my blog…

I’ve decided I really need to sign up for Google insight to see where these hits are coming from, because as I was discussing with Casey the other day, the blog stats that WordPress provides are interesting but not particularly insightful.Epic Fail Car They tell you all kinds of fun things like how many hits on the blog, how many clicks on each post, what links people follow to arrive at your blog, what search terms they used to get there.. but the numbers just don’t add up.  And they don’t tell us where the hits are coming from, being rather international what countries these hits are coming from would be of great interest to me.

Recently, I’ve been getting MAD hits on my blog.  Acording to the information they provide me with .. these hits are coming from Google or Google type searches for the word ‘fail, or epic fail’.  Which is funny because they are all going to an old blog post that was just about me being suuuper lazy one day and failing in the doing anything department.  Now don’t get me wrong the whole Epic failure thing is amusing, hence I pull picture off the net for it.. but I can’t begin to understand why.  I’m n0t really complaining it’s just massively odd, and interesting for the statistics.. I get to pretend that I’m little miss popular.  Although I don’t really think that any of the Epic Fail people are actually reading my blog.

Oh I started to write this a while ago, and since then I have discovered I can’t really get the insight thing on my blog.  Aparently because I have a wordpress blog on the wordpress site I have to rewrite the code and insert the insight code in the blog code.  I’d have to upgrade my account to do that… and to be honest I’m not sure I could do it right.  Poop.  I wanted insight.  But hey if anyone knows knows how to put it in on the wordpress site in easy terms, please fill me in.



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9 04 2009

all sounds too complicated for me…. I like to live in la la land where I can always get someone ELSE to figure that kind of shit out for me 🙂

9 04 2009

Duh .. that’s what I’m seeking… someone to figure it out for me… lol .. I don’t want to do it!!

3 01 2011
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