Active day for me!

4 04 2009

I’ve been sick and I’m feeling mostly better now.  I have this long ass blog post about my other blog but I’m kinda lazy and don’t want to finish it right now.

Today I had an awesome possum exercise day, I’m not going to double post it but if you want to check out all my fun fun things.. you can see it on the other blog… just follow this link

Ok I’m starving and want to eat my own arm.. and to top it off… I’m all itchy from the salt.

On another note, I’ve been having some funny chest twiggles… sign.. I’m sure it’s nothing.  Of course I am the queen of the mentality of “ignore it and it will go away”, and I’m USUALLY right.. I would just like to point out my usual rightness on calling my own hypocondria.   That said, Tracey is nagging me to going to see a cardiologist just to make sure….  Fine!!!  I wentto the hospital but YAY lucky me no doctors, but I did promise to go back on Tuesday morning… BAH  (Seriously… it’s probably heart burn or something… only without pain… see nothing :D)



One response

5 04 2009

I hear ya. I think I’m so freaked out about being a hyper hypo that I have probably built up an amazing immune system that can fight off shit that noone else’s can because I stuck my head in the sand and ignored it until my body said fuck it and got rid of it itself.

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