Sparkle And Shine Party

1 04 2009

A week or two back.. (the night of embarrassment) Melissa and Jodie hosted a sparkle party.  And I made a little silly video, twas very amusing and I put the video up the other day… Episode 8 of the Magda and Melissa show 😀

You can watch it, on my youtube channel   or you can click on the read more and watch it here :0



3 responses

2 04 2009

heh – heh heh! Highly entertaining! Makes me kinda miss you sorta – just kidding sweetie, miss ya like crazy 🙂

2 04 2009

kinda… KINDA.. you’d better .. oh wait you did.. kiss kiss 🙂 lol what do you miss. the rapier wit or how Ii use it to stab everyone? I’m so mean 😛

15 04 2009

Begs the question… what’s a blowie?

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