April Fools Day…

1 04 2009

… is totally fail now a days.   It’s just no fun anymore. I mean everyone knows April first is April Fools Day so nothing you do works.  No one falls for any of it. ever.  I mean sure you might catch the first one, MAYBE.

But really, things have gotten to the point that you have to do something so crazy outlandish and crazy in order to get someone.  The things that you have to pull in order to get people to fall for the joke get bigger and wilder, so if you do manage to trick someone they end up being really pissed because the joke you had to use was so out there that they freak out.   People usually get really mad.  And if it isn’t huge and ridiculous.. then they never fall for it, it’s all .. ha ha yeah I know it’s the first of April, piss off.

So, you either have no fun because no one falls for your reindeer games, or you go way too far and piss people off.  BAH HUMBUG

So now I am declaring a new Holiday, all of April is open season.  It’s still April fools day.. but it’s not on the first… it’s somewhere else! And I’m not telling when.. heh .. let the fun begin!  (I say we all join in!!! Come to the dark side!)



4 responses

1 04 2009

Sounds fun! I’ll find a way to join in….. bwah hah hah

1 04 2009

See, much more fun than this whole.. one day that everyone knows is coming… boo!

2 04 2009

magda, i think we should start a new thing. it would be where any day in april is april fools day. that way, you could still say april fools, but the fools wouldn’t know when they are about to get it? whatdoyasay?

2 04 2009

I say WOOT.. unless you are mocking me .. then I say.. smack smack and then say woot! 😀

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