Dirty Little Secrets and Confessions

29 03 2009

Ok that sounds far more exciting than it is…

The other day I was driving home and for some reason I was thinking on random little things.  Things that you usually wouldn’t tell people because well all normal people would mock you!

Now for some reason I can’t remember all the ones that were running through my head.. but I remember a few.  Like I have a rather sick love of crappy pop music…  I’m a huge Kenny Rodgers fan.  Stuff like that, I swear I had more that seemed pretty amusing on the drive home but they seem to have vacated my poo sick little head.

Oh so now for the most amusing revelation today.   I am 30 years old and today.. mark it on your calendars boys and girls, today March 29th 2009.  I Magda bought my first toothbrush.  LOL

picture-052Seriously… I went to buy a toothbrush and was FLOORED at how expensive they are.  So I’m thinking, holy crap when did they get so expensive???  So I’m thinking back, and I’m really racking my brain to remember how much they were when I last bought one.  hu… when did I buy one.. Well my mom always sends me little doo dads and she sent me a whole wack of toothbrushes a while back.  Hmm Uni? nope.. mom always came to town and bought me weird little things…

LOL  Seriously, Somehow in my whole adult life I have never bought a freaking tooth brush.  😀  I’ve used them, obviously, and actually I did get one toothbrush.. but it’s a sonicare… and huge fancy electric toothbrushes don’t count.

Tee hee

So today when I lost my toothbrush virginity.  I saw plants, and though.. I like plants.  But decided I was too lazy to take care of a plant.  And then I saw seeds, soil, and pots… well hey I want flowers.. OOOH and look mint.  So I bought it and decided to garden 😀 lol

After I put the soil and seeds in the pot… I was all excited.. but .. sniffle.. nothing has grown yet… sigh I”m the least patient person on the earth.

My plants have names… I’m waiting for my little mojitoes and candy asses to grow.  😀




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29 03 2009

I cannot BELIEVE you’ve never had to buy your own toothbrush! I never thought they were that expensive, how much did you pay for yours? I hear ya about plants, they usually don’t last in my house because I always forget to water them, although I have one rubber tree that’s about nine years old! I also recently planted some seeds I dug out of a squash, just to see what would happen – knocked over the pot a few days ago, just to see that a couple of the seeds had sprouted! We’ll see what happens.

29 03 2009

LOL I know right… I’m so spoiled

I dunno, I guess that I just always thought as a must have thing they would be all cheap like… I was just getting OralB cross action… LOL honestly I have no idea how much they cost, so more than free seems kind unreasonable to me :P.

I keep peeking at the pot hoping my mint is growing. My little mojitoes… 😀

30 03 2009

(for next time) if you want them to pop out of the soil faster, you can germinate them, take a plate and two pieces of paper towel soak the paper towel with warm water and lay one piece on the plate, put the seeds (sepereate them out a bit) on the plate and lay the other warm paper towel on top. If you leave them there (not to let them dry out either) for a few days they should sprout, and then you can plant them in the soil. 🙂 it makes it fun to see them grow in the paper towel first!


30 03 2009

Mom laughed HYSTERICALLY when I told her about your FB status about this.

30 03 2009

@bex.. damn I wish I had thought of that. next time!!

@dee.. she would 😀

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