Wait.. oh crap

24 03 2009

So I was totally going to write something.. but it’s all gone now… oops… oh well.

Oh, wait… I remember one thing… does anyone know how to see where the hits on your blog are coming from?  Is that something I need to set up first?  (as in what countries)  I know what links people follow to get here, and how many hits on my blog there have been in a day, even how many on specific posts.. but I often get 30-60 hits a day and I’m very curious where from….

If anyone knows, or knows how I can find out.. share share share! 🙂



2 responses

24 03 2009
Eric Martin

Hi Mags! You need to check out Google analytics and set up you website and account there. They track everything and let you look at global views from all over the world.
I think it is at
Love ya!

26 03 2009

I, Magda, was very excited to Eric’s game blog.. apparently that makes me a dork.. I WEAR IT WITH PRIDE.. that said I haven’t read your blog yet but I will!!! When I have some f-ing free time I hate being busy

How does one get this magical Google analytics? Pray to the Google gods.. make a suitable yahoo sacrifice?

I suppose I could get off my duff and click in this linky link you posted (that I magically didn’t see earlier.. hmm)

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