Blah, blah night out and Facebook

22 03 2009

Yesterday I did a little shopping at Costco, always fun times, and then decided to go swimming.  After swimming came home and cooked up some yummy lamb and made an odd but good salad.

Purty flowers I got, no connection to the post :D

Purty flowers I got, no connection to the post 😀

I was pretty tired and kinda wanted to have a nap, but it really wasn’t in the cards.  It was my friend Arden’s Birthday party and I had also promised my co-worker I would go out to Luxy with her last night.  Had to do all that primping us girls go before heading out, you know how it is.  😉

Anywho after dolling myself up I went up to Luxy and met Wendy, her guy and a couple of other people outside.  Upside if you get in before 11pm cover is free (which is just the right price as far as I’m concerned).  I had a pretty good time at Luxy had a couple of drinks that the guys were nice enough to get for me (actually full on insist I have .. but same same).  Eventually I decided I needed to head over to Arden’s Party.

I had a heck of a time finding it as it had one of those weird addresses, where the actual place isn’t anywhere near the address.  And then when I did find it, as best as I could tell it was closed, I mean the damn metal gate was more than half closed!  The only thing that tipped me off that it was all a ruse was when Arden popped under the gate and walked down the street.  I went inside to find many a friend tanked off their asses… Especially Eric, who was almost as drunk as the ‘Greek god’ incident and wearing the same ‘snappy’ (literally it has snaps not buttons) shirt.  Good times!

One thing that amused the hell out of me, was one girl I know getting mad at me for telling a couple of my friends outside of the bathroom that she was in the can with some guy.  Now fair enough if there was anyway for her to get out of there unseen, that was somewhat uncool of me.  BUT given that we were all standing in front of the bathroom and loads of people had been waiting for the bathroom for AGES and where all wondering who the hell was in there and what they were doing in there.  It’s not like everyone didn’t piece it together when they walked out of the bathroom together.  Now, I wouldn’t have even noticed if she hadn’t leaned in and said “Thanks for making that really awkward Mag!”

LOL  I made it awkward???  I’m pretty sure it was you in the bathroom. with your little friend was what made it awkward.. and perhaps the HUGE line of people waiting outside watching you come out.  They weren’t watching because of what I said…. 😀  Besides, in all likely hood they were sniffy sniffing things of an illegal nature, and I had the decency to insinuate they were doing nothing of the sort.  I merely suggested that they were getting it on… nothing to be embarrassed about.. hell even a little high five on your wait out of the bathroom :D.

Later I went home, called  a friend back home and as can be seen my my last post stayed up WAY too late. 😉  Going to bed early today damn it.

Rant alert:

Facebook, ok for one thing, it’s just bloody facebook quit your bitching.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate change just as much as the next guy but really… get over it all ready.  Somethings about the new layout suck bum and somethings are actually really good.  Besides can you honestly tell me you don’t have anything better to stress about?? Awesome for you if that’s the case :P.

Ok now on to my bitching… which has nothing to do with the fricking lay out… actually my problem has nothing to do with Facebook itself so much as the fricken loonies on it.

My acceptance of friend requests depends on a couple of things, mood, phases of the moon, if I know you or not, if you seem creepy or weird in anyway.  You know the usual, now I’m if I’m in a good mood I just accept most people with out much thought and if they abuse anything then I just boot them.

Now I don’t remember the exact details, but one of my friends moved away to England and after he left his old roommate (who I had never met either) added me and chatted with me, or sent me a message.. something.  She weirded me out pretty much right off the bat so I removed her.  She just added me again… really?  What would promote you to do that.. spazzy stalker.  Also there is this other person I know, and I don’t really feel I can remove this person as I run into them from time to time.  But I really wish I could because they are turning out to be kinda a weird and freaky. Any ideas what I can do?  I’ld like to avoid them but I’m not sure how to do it without them knowing or causing a fuss.

Weird people need a slap in the head… :D!!



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23 03 2009

For starters- I have to say it, the new facebook sucks ass, it was fine, and they keep fucking with it!!! I’m not going to freak out about it tho. As for the friends thing – that is a little weird, unless maybe she friended a lot of people at the same time and somehow forgot that she had already friended you? The whole removing friends thing is a little awkward – you never know if they’ll take it personally. Tough one. Maybe check her friend list, if it’s really big you might be able to remove her without her realizing it, at least for a little while. Haha I just got this mental image of some chick storming up to you, nasty mascara-tears running down her face, waving her hands around “Why did you remove me? Why? WHY!!!!” Heh heh…..

23 03 2009

I have removed lots of people from my facebook. It takes about 3-4 weeks then some of them Friend request again. The others have no clue or dont care that I am not one of their hundreds of friends which they dont talk to.

23 03 2009

Yeah the thing is this individual is someone I run into in the real world and I can’t really avoid… harumph

Yeah bex, I’m sure I could axe at least 100 that would never notice 😀

23 03 2009

here’s the trick…remove them and then if they try to re-add you or whatever, blame it on the facebook changes. kills two social stigmas with one binary code?!?!?!

24 03 2009
Brian David Phillips

Marcus is on a trail that seems to be full of rightness. Personally, I like the new Facebook layout, but I’m one of those creeepy types anyway (well, some of the time).

24 03 2009

@ Marcus… 😉 lol you’re a star!

@ brain.. trust me… you and your self claimed creepiness got NOTHING on some of these Characters….

I like parts of the new lay out but I don’t like that you can no longer filter your news feed .. so I’m seeing things that I really don’t care about and missing the things I like… I like the filter for seeing people in your network..

10 05 2009
Dear Commenter: Thanks for all the Fish « Magdalicious … the blog

[…] honestly had made me uncomfortable more than once.  Actually if you remember I blogged about it [here], I mentioned a facebook ‘friend’ that I wanted to remove but I have to interact with […]

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