I don’t want to talk about it

19 03 2009

That’s right you heard it hear first .. I have nothing to say.  Me Lips Magoo has nothing to say.

Ok now that we all know I’m lying… lol.. I’m just to f-ing lazy to get it out.  I have a ton of ‘work’ to do and I’m not really getting it done.. 😦 my bad.. so I need to hop to it.. now ish… I did finally get off my ass and do a run and bike.. and have very early morning date with mel tomorrow.. should be horridly wonderful ;).

Back to work (after shower and snack of course.. mm smoothy.. with BOOZE!) tee hee



6 responses

19 03 2009

NOT FAIR!!! You gotta stop leaving us dangling like that! Out with it, dammit! I wanna know wasgoinon 🙂

19 03 2009


20 03 2009

Queen of Cryptic strikes again.

20 03 2009

And I shall rein forEVA!

20 03 2009

Hey, I had a dream about you last night, I was hanging out with you and Tracey, hanging out in your apartment and we decided to go out so, we were taking cabs and trying to find a club, and the cabbie got mad at us and kicked us out in some cultisac and, I was like lets just go hang out at the fireman’s party. I don’t know it was so random, and not just the events, I was in Taipei with you guys.

OH yeah this all started because you were mad at me for not contacting you or responding to your blog, hahahahha
love ya

23 03 2009

Yay!!! it’s Becky!!! OOH you were dreaming about me? LOL hmm is this the universe saying you’re coming to visiting me? woo woo!!

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