Bad Mood = Epic Fail

17 03 2009

failSo this past week I have all kinds of new things to do and think about….. and do you know all the things I accomplished?  It was pure shocking and amazing!  I managed to accomplish nothing… as a matter of fact I think I actually managed to anti-accomplish things.   I wrote most of a big blog post about this cool project I’m working on .. a work out thing I’m doing with my friends.  Which I promise to actually fill you in on later… scouts honor (wow that’s fun not being a scout and all tee hee)

So this weekend, one friend was out of town, and I had loads of free time and what do you think I did?  If you guessed absolutely nothing… even less than nothing like pig out on crap and not do a freaking lick of exercise.. not a sit up, no run, bike, swim, walk, not even a push up.   This equals epic fail.. especially if you consider what I’m doing with my friends on this blog… seriously.. I’ll leave the true impact of the disaster of my weekend as a surprise, & of course I’ll wait a couple of days before I post it.. lol.   In the vain hope you will have forgotten by then!  heh

st_patricks_day_bigOh poo I forgot it was St Paddie’s day today!  We celebrated early (this past Sat) at my friend Meagan’s place.  It was actually a really fun time…  I got to meet some really fun people and had some very amusing conversations.  Especially with the mighty tipsy fellow from Nottinham.. I couldn’t resist a robin hood crack or two 😉  hope you all have/had will have a great St Patrick’s.. and I hope Emily celebrates her birthday in style!  Cheers to the green beer!



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18 03 2009

Green beer? UGH! That is an epic fail!

9 04 2009
Have the Google Gods Deamed me Worthy? « Magdalicious … the blog

[…] for the word ‘fail, or epic fail’.  Which is funny because they are all going to an old blog post that was just about me being suuuper lazy one day and failing in the doing anything department.  […]

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