ah ha .. it’s karmic… stupid Karma

14 03 2009

Karma is a mean spirited bitchy cunt.. mean cow.

Now  I’ve always believed in Karma but not in the traditional or religious senses.  While I feel the whole reincarnation thing is cool and has merit, I think the whole the karma ads up in this life and then you pay or get the rewards in the next life?  Yeah sorry I’m not buying it… if that were valid then you would recall the previous incarnation and why you were being universe smacked in this life.  I mean really, what the hell do you learn from a bitch slap out of context?  NUTTIN

I say fuck that, I believe in Karma.. but insta karma.. or some form of it anyway.  Stuff that happens is related to shit that you have done recently… whether it is because if some sort of universe balancing business or things you bring on yourself from feeling guilty about the bad or happy about the good.

The whole tie in of that little rant was, Trace and I were having a little laugh about how my being bummed about the telling that guy I had a crush on him, and after bunches of flirting, me asking again for a specific and clear answer and him letting me know the answer was no.

I was thinking about it… and if that wasn’t a karmic bitch slap then I don’t know what was.  One could blame.. me for not just asking again right away, or for my flirting all hardcore.  But really I was just drinking and  I had a crush and I was happy and silly about it.  You could blame him for continuing to chat and flirt after I told him instead of telling me no and then hanging out.  But again he was drinking, and we were just being silly and flirty just basic good fun, obviously not his fault either.

So … hmm WAIT… how many times have I flirted like a hussy in heat with people I have zero interest in?  I actually flirt more with those that have less than no chance with me because they’re ‘safe’  I can flirt and have fun and not worry about it.  Except then they obviously get the impression that this pretty girl is into them , I mean she is giving all signs.  So they make a move or say something… and I give them the deer in headlights.

Plus I always try to be nice about it.. not just flat out say.. look I’m not interested in you.  Because I know that hurts.  It’s really damn hard to tell someone your interested or to try to make a move.  Now if someone says something and I’m not interested, I usually just smile say thanks and that I’m not interested, but good for you for having the guts to come ask me.

That said, I’m usually only that cool about it when I see it coming.  If I’m shocked then gloves are off.. deer in headlights.. awesome times had by all.  Unfortunately I’m usually surprised because I have a tendency to be as think as a brick wall when it comes to picking up on the signals when they are directed at me.

You know I say that, but I don’t know anymore I’m a lot more observant and persetive than I have been in the past… maybe I’m awesome at telling now 😉  (I was pretty sure dude I had a crush on wasn’t interested (before the party), but I figured it didn’t hurt to throw it out there just in case :P).

Anyway rambles is taking a break now 🙂



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15 03 2009


15 03 2009

I’m telling you.. karma .. meany pants

15 03 2009

What we are going through in this life is because of what our forefathers did, good or bad. This I believe in essence is what karma is all about.If you get someone who can discuss about Hindu philosophy you may get more insight into this . There is no insta karma for sure.
Your profile and the subject of this piece got me into your blog. You have travelled a lot .Photos alongside are wonderful

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