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8 03 2009

I’ve been mulling over some stuff and to be honest I have no idea what to do.. (it has nothing to do with the rest of this post.. it’s all about work, life and moving or not stuff) Yes I’m being deliberately vague… Maybe I’ll write more later but it will have to be a locked post to keep a few people who can’t be reading it out…

On another note I went out last night for Melissa’s birthday … the house party was actually really fun and I got to meet a bunch of cool new people that I didn’t know before as well as reconnect with some old friends I hadn’t run into in a while.  After wards we went to the bar and danced and drank.. and again I ran into all these random people.  Like Daniel, who I met over a year ago in Boracay and haven’t seen since.

I went home a little early, and basically stayed home all day.   Tracey and I decided to get pizza and some movies and have a lame day at home.  First we watched the move Strange.. scary as fuck.. Jesus… and then MY best friend’s girl which was quite funny.

Quite odd, On the way home I get a call and it’s Stew.. who it turns out saw me walking down the street and has happened to move in just down the street from me, and then I got a message from Jona which was nice as he’s been all incognito for ages.

So I just got off the phone with Mel, and we chatted about the party last night, she wanted to know why I disappeared.  Long story short, I had a kinda crush on a friend and I decided I’d rather tell him and see if there was a chance or not… Honestly I thought I wouldn’t care much one way or another.  And in a way I didn’t, it wasn’t so much that he wasn’t interested as that I haven’t liked someone in ages so I had high hopes or something.  Well that and I told him I was into him.. and then after flirting for an hour (or so I was drunk so not sure on time line) I really had no idea that the answer would be no sorry no interest there.  So when I decided to ask to make sure before I got all goopy and super crushy girly like about him.. and he said actually no I’m not interested.  I was really surprised… that plus disappointment and embarrassment made me cry (not boo hoo face just like a tear down the cheek.. very artful :P).  Well him being one of the nicest guys I know, made him feel really bad then we both feel bad.. good times.  Anyway, he’s a good guy and I’m glad he just told me, I’m disappointed because he’s really nice, good looking and all those things that everyone says they want in a guy.  But at least we’re still friends.

On another note, there was another really cute guy at the party,  who I really liked talking to.  He seemed like a genuinely nice and cool guy. And in retrospect I wish I spent a little more time talking to him instead of going off to talk to previously mentioned friend.  But c’est la vie.

I think I’ll spend the rest of my sad little sunday watching some more movies and doing girly stuff… (but at least Tracey dragged me out of bed)

Oh wait I left out the funniest part.. it was a sparkle party and I had these sparkle lashes on.. and a little rinestone flower on my chest.. and in AWESOME dramatic upset girl fashion walked home all teary and ripped all my shineys off and threw them on the street as I walked.. the onthing that would have made it funnier/ better was if it had been pouring rain… man I wish it had been pouring ti would have been a scene right out of a bad movie.. 😀  (lol at least I can laugh at my own lameness ;))



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9 03 2009


9 03 2009

thanks 🙂

12 03 2009

Awe momma! It happens to the best of us. :*(
What I don’t understand is HOW could ANY guy NOT like YOU???

I know you feel better now, but keep your chin up


12 03 2009

Exactly! 🙂

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