Ninjas and Nimrods

4 03 2009

LOL ok that title doesn’t have much to do with anything other than I found it amusing.  So after talking to my mom, I realized many people do know about that whole incident and who the apologizing person is (if you don’t know.. then you don’t know him).  My mom reminded me that I wanted to slash his tires…

Suddenly it all came back to me in a flash… Nadine and I (Nadine it was you wasn’t it?) dressed all in black (like Ninja’s…. see see it ties in) and used this cool little tool to remove the pins from his tires.  So no only where they FLAT as flat can be but he couldn’t refill them.  Well he could but the air wouldn’t stay in.  This came with the added bonus, that if he was a fool and drive on the rims then the he might wreck his rims and would definitely slash his own tires.  (which he did by the way… yay).

Picture it, two am… pitch black.. two girls all dressed in black.. wrecking shit .. (but only a little).

This brings up all these other memories of shit that I’ve gotten into.  First and foremost I feel I need to start with a warning… if we are planning a caper, you need to know I can’t be trusted.

UNBC, We’re at earls for margarita Monday and I pilfer (among the menus and cutlery) one of the very hard to steal paper mache parrots.  This is one of many incidents of me and my marvelous 5 finger discount.  Now… when it comes to lifting things I could generally be counted on to do it myself as other people just tended to mess it up…

UNBC, the peephole bandits… I’m serious this one was in the school paper and newsletters.  So we went to a friends… and he wasn’t there… thought it would be fun to mess with him and I notice how easy (just two screws) it would be to take the huge telescope looking peepholes out of the door.  So we do and then stash it in the butter dish in the fridge.  It should have ended there.. but it was so much fun that we did it to the entire damn building.  4 floors, 16 apartments per floor and we hit almost every one.. it was AWESOME.  Never got caught (good thing or we would have been kicked out).  heh  but if we had.. I would have sold my co conspirator out in a heart beat.

Forward a year or two.. we steal this sign that says free lube checks here…. I mean come on.. it was asking to be stolen.  And a cop car pulls up, Tracey and I play it cool.  Ray has a minor heart attack.. we claim someone else was stealing it and we stopped them and where returning it… lol.. so we do our drunken best to jam it back into the sign frame and off we go.  Well I want that sign.. so we go back with the car.  I plan it all out, we case it for a few block, we’re going to pull up grab the sign toss it in the back of the hatch back and off we go.  Well we pull up and I scream “change in plan, GOGOGO you grab the sign I’ll keep the engine running GO.”  Under all that pressure, she freaked ran got the sign tossed it in the back and scrambled to get in the car as I peeled away. he he

Then I went with a friend to drop a flower off at this guys house that I had a crush on, same thing I’m supposed to do the deed but when we get there I scream GOGOGO and he has to sprint up to the house and drop off the flower and the note.. agin trying to get back in the car before I peel off into the night… lol

I’m sure there have been others.. but that will do for today.




4 responses

5 03 2009

heh heh – that was me – I remember I almost backed out because my sissy boyfriend (you know who I’m talking about!) tried to talk me out of it “you’ll get in trouble if you get caught” So that’s why you don’t get caught, dummy! Remember that squealing sound the air made when it leaked out of the tire? I also have this fond memory of the two of us trying to uproot a road sign and failing miserably – I gave up and you kept trying, you made it move but we had to leave that one behind. No big deal, since the back of the car was already filled with OTHER road signs 😀 Ahhhh, good times!!!

5 03 2009

Oh my god… the free rubber check sign!! That was hilarious! Our tiny little girl voices in unison answering the cop when he asked what we were doing “nothing…” then he asked, what are you going to do now…? “take it back”
And then we turned around and marched back… hahahahahahah

I miss you girls.

2 04 2009

Ummm… how about the Earls incident where the patio table left the restaurant THROUGH the FRONT DOOR with you sitting on it?

2 04 2009

… shhhh LOL actually I forgot about that.. I miss capers!!!

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