Got milk?

23 02 2009

Remember those got milk ads?  Apparently they still make them 😀

hayden-got-milkI thought I would use some milk to make something, but you know you have to check it and make sure it hasn’t gone off.  How do you check it?  Well you can sniff it and or taste it.  Now I don’t know about you guys, but I can NEVER tell from the sniffs.

Seriously??? How the hell do people drink milk?  I mean hey if you like it… awesome for you.. but just the smell makes me gag a little.  I sniff it, it smells nasty.. so does that mean it’s off?  No of course not…  because brand new milk from the store smells like that to me.  So now I have to taste it, sigh.  Now in the past it’s always tasted (in my adulthood that is, I liked milk when I was  kid) a little mlich but I can tell it’s fine.

angelina-jolie-got-milkBut lately?  I taste it… and ick ick ick.. the worst part is I know it’s ok but I still think it’s awful.  Weird thing is I can’t stand my tea without it…. I love icecream  and I don’t really have anything against dairy products.  Ok I’m not a big fan of cheese, and other milk stuff.. but whatever. 😛

So today when I tasted it to see if it was ok, I almost gagged a little.. now was the milk bad?  I don’t think so, the date isn’t for another week and it tastes the same as it did yesterday.. as a matter of fact I’m certain it’s good.    Because when it’s bad it’s MAD funky and yucky, and I don’t have to question I’m all kinds of sure.

I swear if anyone is home I have to give them the milk and ask them if it’s off, otherwise I have to just assume if it’s not wildly obvious it’s dead that it’s good.

Wow this is a lot of writing just to say… I don’t like milk.  How in the world do you guys drink it?  Ok all done, 😉 bed time.



3 responses

23 02 2009
Peg Vince

May be it taste so bad to you because you are lactose intolerant. made you very hipper as a kid. It is not good for you!!!!

24 02 2009

I loooove milk. We used to drink homo, but now that’s vile to me. Skim all the way, baby!

24 02 2009

Some can and some can’t. It’s a part of life.

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