Where have all the weevils gone?

19 02 2009

I’m avoiding my life and avoiding talking about it.. ( there is nothing much to talk about other than I have a bad temper).

On to the weevles!

So I have become a popcorn junkie I pop it myself because I don’t want an entire bag .. that I heard a rumor that the butter stuff in there is like cancerous or something (it’s a rumor I heard about something bad and I’m not in the mood nor am I inclined to research as I don’t really care :P).. My popcorn kernels chill in the pretty tall blue glass container on the counter top.

A little while back Tracey made a crack about weevils ( they love chillin’ in my rice), and I mentioned how it was funny but I’d never seen them in there. Now let’s get something clear… weevils so don’t stress me out. I mean in the rice.. I couldn’t really care less, honestly, they amuse me… besides they float so you can just wash them out. meh extra protein if you miss a couple 😉

So I just got some new kernels and thought I should put the new ones under the old ones, so I pour the old ones into a bowl, and what’s this! Weevil powder at the bottom? A sure sign of the little buggers… but I see no weevils… well now I’m on a mission.. I’m finding the damn weevils. So I start sifting through the corn.. I find kernels that have CLEARLY been munched on… (obviously I just kept putting new ones in one top of the old) BUT not a weevil to be seen.

So now I’m living in the wonder… where the heck have the Weevils gone??

They’re probably planning a party in the flour and just trying to figure out how to get into the sealed container. 😀



4 responses

19 02 2009

When will they ever learn.

20 02 2009

Um… ew.

22 02 2009

OR, you ATE them! Yum! hahaha

22 02 2009

lol popped weevils.. yeah but all of them? seems unlikely.. very weird

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