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3 02 2009

Those of you who have known me forever, know that I’ve always been a little weird about my hair…. and like all people who are rather rigid on things I sometimes rebel against myself and go ‘bonkers’. I have had this little episodes of hair wildness few enough times to remember and actually be able to recount them.

Quick Magda hair history:

Grade 6, I decide I just need a poodle perm… the fact I have ringlet curly hair is not important.. must have perm. End up looking like a poodle… you know the do.

Grade8, My long pretty hair already had to be cut (and trust me I cried my ass off) because of all the damage from the perm (and attempts to fix said disaster). So I decided I HAD to have this super short undercut bob, which was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, this girl a few grades up from me had it and it was “like so cool!!” A year later I realized I looked like a retarded and a bit like I’m trying out for the young dikes association. (regardless off your sexual orientation.. it’s not a good look :P) I also peroxided my hair.. oops 😛

I came to my senses and grew my hair back out.

Third year of Uni, I decided to chop off most of my hair.. I needed a change. I cut it to chin length and liked it for at least a month or so… after a few months I relaized I loved my hair and was desperate to grow it back.

Once in Taiwan, someone cut my hair much shorter than I wanted because the girl was retarded and kept cutting it shorter because she was retarded and couldn’t get the sides even. Idiot. :/

About 3 years ago, just before and while I was in Brazil, I streaked my hair. With varying sizes of streaks… I bleached out to blond and then dyed them fire engine red. Way cool, but really hard on the hair especially as I had to keep re-dying the red.. red fades… 😦 So for a year or so I had streaks of red, pink or blond.

About 6…9? months ago I decided the blond streaks looked mental.. as my roots were more than 4″ long. Back to brown, I dyed my hair back to a dark colour and I loved it. Yeah normal.

Well the ends of my hair are a mess, and I decided my long pretty hair would benefit from just chopping them off. I mean I can only salvage my length for so long.. and everytime I wash my hair I’m bothered by the ass condition of the bottom half. Time to start over…. and I mean hey.. if I’m going to cop it off anyway :D. Then why not play! So I went to the hairdresser and drew a little sketch of what I wanted. I actually really like it.

Which is amazing to me as I never like mine, or anyone else’s hair right after it’s cut I need to get used to it.. but I’m liking this cut. Actually, I think it’s not enough. I’m thinking about having it cut a little shorter… especailly in the back.. making the length differnce a little more drastict.

Let me know what you think.. ohhh I can add a poll 😛

I made a video (which I’ll add as soon as the damn thing uploads) and uploaded some pics on my flickr…



10 responses

3 02 2009

Whew – from the sounds of your post I thought you had really fucked your hair up! What a relief- it looks really good! I remember the “undercut” – I got one in grade 12, and it wasn’t grown out by grad, so I couldn’t get a nice updo, really pisseed me off 🙂

4 02 2009

heh, yeah I know right, made it sound bad on purpose.. more fun that way 🙂 That undercut thing was horrible .. why do they let people make such retarded choices??

4 02 2009

Ooooooooo Magda very Beautiful! I say go for the shorter in the back!

Loves It.

4 02 2009

That is my FAVOURITE hairstyle. I, too, would get it shorter in the back, to dramatize and enhance the difference in length front to back.

I really really really like it, Mag. You’ll have to post pics of when it’s not straightened, as well.

4 02 2009

I love it! This is EXACTLY what I want, but I am too cheap right now to pay for a haircut. I love how healthy and sleek it looks! Gorgeous!

But, yes, I might be tempted to go shorter. Go for it!! 🙂

4 02 2009

I love your new hair. Chop it shorter at the back. You look elegant:)

4 02 2009

@Bex yeah, thanks 🙂

@ Dee, yeah I will.. I think I need to see what it looks like curly until I go back to cut again though.

@Ray, really? It only cost me $20 how expensive are haircuts back home.. lol 😀 I’ve never had one back home… I know exactly what I want and just describe and draw it and then supervise when they cut. 😛

@OJ WOO! I didn’t know you read my blog! Cool glad you like it!

I’m prolly going to get it cut again next month then it will be fun again because it will be more ‘dramatic’ more pictures to come.

4 02 2009

TAAAAHHH DAAAAAH! It looks good on YOU!

5 02 2009
Peg Vince

looks cool I like it and I would go shorter in the back. if the hair was so bad why not mayonnaise it …..? or did you Just want a change..lol any way I like it

5 02 2009

It was beyond that really.. and I wanted to chop it off I was tired of trying to save it. Thanks 🙂 I probably will

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