Stealing ‘Cak’ from the kitchen :D

24 01 2009

Chinese New Year ‘vacation’ has begun, and the temperature has dropped 20 degrees in the last 48 hours.  Awesome sauce… 😛

So far I have had Dinner with Tracey and Mike, lunch with the girls, did a little shopping, drooled over some more sexxxy shoes, and had a Chinese Class with Jane.  Where she regaled me with tales of her adventures in Thailand last week with the boys from work. :D.

I came home to find that the pretty gal I share a house with made cake… yum!  Aka cack or cak (old joke from uni).  And I have been stealing it from the kitchen bru ha ha !  Think I’ll go nick another little slice .. tee hee.

That will be all for today.

(ps I’m grumpy)



5 responses

24 01 2009

How can you be grumpy when I made cake???? Ungreatful I say!

24 01 2009

easy.. I’m not grumpy about cake 😀 yum yum

25 01 2009

Hey Mag… question: CNY is Monday right? What would you suggest as a cheap yet thoughtful gift to give my chinese boss? I read somewhere that fresh flowers are symbolic for some reason I cannot remember right now… new beginnings? But I’m looking for other ideas.

25 01 2009

mmm yeah but they do the family thing on Sunday, well traditionally people give each other red envelopes with cash inside. That is really the only thing that is given. Flowers are tricky because they symbolize different things for different flowers her then they do at home.

Honestly, I’m assuming your boss isn’t going to expect you to have any insight to Chinese culture so anything you would give them would be taken in the spirit it was intended. If you wanted to try to be col about it, you could do something in a red envelope but you’ll have to put something with monetary value in it.

If you want to impress them.. (I’m assuming they are chinese?) You should say, Xin Nian kuai le, and Gong Xi Fa Cai ( sounds like Shing nee-en kw-ie (long i) le, and gong she fa ts-ie (ts is aspirated like ds in woods)

27 01 2009

Hi Grumpy where are the other six dwarfs?

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