The cleaning fairies came to visit!!!!

23 01 2009

So we have a maid.. and I love her. She is one of my most favouritest people, shoe comes over chats pleasantly and cleans MA HOUSE.   And not to say I don’t enjoy speaking with her, I do she’s really sweet, BUT…. what I really love is when she comes by while I’m at work cleans and goes.

I always come home and completely forgetting that she was meant to come by and discover a wonderfully beautifully clean house.  YAY…   Today was one of those days.   She arrived (I’m assuming) just after I left for work, I left the money on the coffee table and when I got home not a trace of her around just a perfect clean pretty house… it’s like we were invaded by the cleaning fairies!

It’s kinda like the tooth fairy, remember that crazy chick?  Your tooth fell out, you stuck it under your pillow and she popped in took it and left you a quarter.  Just like that … I had a messy ass house, left some money on the coffee table and POOF  I came home from work to a clean house!

Happy dance.  😦 How can  I leave.. I might have to … gasp.. clean my own house.. poo 😀

That is all I must go to sleep, I have a hellish headache (to Tracey it’s probably a 0.5 or a 1.. but that is hellish to me, neener :P).



2 responses

24 01 2009

How nice – send her my way, would ya? My house could use a polishing 🙂 And what you do mean, you might have to leave?

17 10 2009

Very nice arrangment!

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