Chinese Funerals, make it stop!

15 01 2009

Damn it all to hell. Someone in my bloody neighborhood died. Now normally. this would just make me feel a little sorry for the people who lost someone dear to them….

But in Taiwan they like to make everyone suffer along with them. They play something that is actually more annoying than an army of bag pipes… with wailing, drums and HORRIFUL (that’s right I said horriful) singing. They like to start it bright and early and it goes on for hours, days and even weeks.

I’ve always wondered why some of them carry on for ages (one was more than a month of all day torture) and this most recent one seemed to be wrapping up after a few hours.

I have a theory…. how long you get to annoy and inconvenience people after your die is directly proportional to how important you were considered to be in life. That dude who’s funeral drove us to the brink of snipers on the roof.. was the father of a large wealthy family, they blocked a road and had to re route a bus line for weeks. This one was just a some older woman… and they only blocked off a lane, for 1/2 a day.

Here’s hoping no one influential and ‘important’ kicks it in my neighborhood anytime soon.




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15 01 2009

Just to throw in my 2nt’s worth.

There was a wealthy man in Yung he that died last year. His tent (and likely body) blocked a major road for 2 months. Everyday wailing from the professional wailers, the music (that drove my cats to nuttiness, one has never fully recovered) and over all inconvenience. After it was all said and done I found out that after the first 2 weeks the city had fined that family 10,000nt a day for the set up.

What a waste.

15 01 2009

What a terrible thing to say about some one who’s died!

15 01 2009

@ Dave… fuck ’em 😛

15 01 2009

I hear you, it is a bloody nightmare and completely unnecessary. I had similar experiences, and it really pissed me off. You can call the EPA if they make that noise to early or after a certain time. I have done so, and it may seem cruel, but just because someone has has karked it does not mean others need to be woken up early or kept awake at night. The living still have a job to go to.

15 01 2009

@stephen LOL I seriously started giggling when I read this, (I was peaking at my email on my phone 😀 )

15 01 2009

I just about wet my pants when I read this post! I can just imagine how pissy all that noise makes you. Why don’t they throw a two week party instead? Isn’t the whole point of a funeral to celebrate their LIFE?!? I would rather have people clinking glasses and chuckling at old stories at mine than wailing like wilderbeasts.

17 01 2009

i used to live across from a funeral home and those horns would leak into my dreams. it was a strange experience. but i also think that the people who play them try to make the worst sounds possible with them to scare away the bad luck or something. so how about that? hey, do you want to practice today playing an instrument really really badly.

17 01 2009

Just wait till they cart you off! I live just down the block from a funeral home and it’s kind of interesting to see the procession go by and watch as the last one speed down my street to catch up with it. Talk about the Indy 500!

17 01 2009

When they cart me off there will be all kinds of fun-ness I shall insist!!

20 01 2009

I’ll give you a New Orleans full blown funeral send off then!

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