Shoulda woulda coulda… 可是我不要…

13 01 2009

I should write that post I’ve been meaning to write about SAD, but due to the effects of it (which I suffer pretty badly from, and I have not done any of the things I can to stop it) I don’t want.. I don’t want to do anything.. I’m dragging my ass out for a run right now.. and I’m posting this lame ass post… to get the ball on usefulness rolling.  Bleh

Coming soon, why I’m such a sun bunny and why I need to do it.  : S

Time for a run.. sigh.  不要 😛



3 responses

13 01 2009

hugs! 🙂

14 01 2009

Time for some fakenbaking. Do they have that there?

14 01 2009

Yup, 😉 see the new post 😀

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