The Toa of Pooh, and the Te of Piglet

7 01 2009

Tao of PoohA funny little back story that goes with this post, in university I had a bit of a breakdown. During this time I had to see some doctors (the main one happened to be a moron and asshole.. yay) and I was required to see a therapist via the school. I ended up having weekly sessions with Maria Walsh who was the councilor at the university while I was attending. Maria was awesome, she really helped me see and understand that it was just a ‘bad day’ and I wasn’t a nutter.

Near the end of our sessions (I was leaving the school and was no longer eligible to see her) Maria recommended I read the book the Tao of Pooh. I remember at the time being very adverse to the idea of reading the book. I mean no matter how much I liked her, she was still a therapist… and ‘they just mess with your head and change your thinking’, hey we all have our prejudices. [shrug] For some reason, I always suspected she was trying to get me to read the book in order to change something about me.

pooh_tao_ofFast forward 7 years later I’m hanging out with Casey and peeking at the book he’s reading while I watch TV. The book has all these little blown up quotes , like they do in magazines, and they kept catching my eye. In the end I ended up stealing the book to have a better look at it. It was a book by Osho on Taoism and I was surprised how much of it was familiar to me. Not because I heard any of it before, so much as I had thought it or come to many of the same conclusions myself over the years. A lot of what I believe is important stems from thoughts and decisions I made in childhood that have just stuck through the years.

After reading Casey’s book by Osho, I suddenly remember the book recommendation that Maria had made years back while I was at school. I decided to pop by Page One in Taipei 101 and pick it up. I read it, and really enjoyed it! Very good book, regardless on your feelings on different philosophies, it has a lot to offer and things for you to think about. Plus it’s written all Winnie the Pooh style, so it’s all kinds of fun, cute and tralala. Tralala is an actual adjective :P.

If you have any questions about the book or you’d like to borrow it, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂



2 responses

8 01 2009

I hate Pooh. Always have.

Kinda like Piglet, though… and Tigger. What’s not to like about a Tigger?

8 01 2009

Yes well that’s because Tigger is AWESOME sauce!!! I loves me a Tigger…
I’ve never had it in for Pooh but he’s never been my favourite either, piglet always annoyed me, he’s such a candy ass. Always thought Roo was fun thought.

All that is besides the point… the books isn’t really so much about Pooh specifically, but how each character displays personality types and how Pooh chilled out happiness is an example of Eastern Taoism in a western society. I think his idea was to put the philosophies in terms that don’t seem so mystical. I mean really not much mysterious about Winnie the Pooh. 😀

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