I want a MAC book Wheel!!!!

6 01 2009

I know I know .. surprise surprise… I’ve never been a fan of laptops. And I have always professed my loathing of Mac’s especially. But that was before! I guess I was just waiting for them to come up with the right product. As many of you know I’ve been shopping for laptops, and I thought I had found the one I wanted it was an ASUS, but .. no no I had no idea until I saw this puppy.

Everyone always talks about the innovations and amazing products that Mac comes up with, and I’m finally on board. I’m going down to the Mac store and see if I can get one on pre order, I don’t need my laptop for a few months anyway.

Check out this story that was on the news to see all the wicked features, they’ve really out done themselves this time! Oh and I want to thank Danny Choo for posting this on facebook. AWESOME… (Danny Choo is the Dancing storm trooper in Tokyo).

You guys better get in line to pick one of these up they are going to be selling like hotcakes!



4 responses

7 01 2009

I would wait for the next gen as all the bugs well be gone then. It would take a long time to write any thing with that wheel you know. 😉

7 01 2009

LOL… that’s why it’s so funny.. 🙂 I’m all impressed at how real they made it look! I totally thought it was a real thing and was thinking WTF….. and then at the end I was like oh wait ha they are mocking mac.. nice 🙂

8 01 2009

that’s hilarious – I sat and watched, thinking – are you crazy? Who would use this? It would take you hours to write an e-mail! You had me fooled for a second 🙂

8 01 2009

heh.. they had me fooled too… lol I thought I’d pass the foolery on!

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