Welcome to 2009

1 01 2009

I don’t know what everyone got into for new years this year.

You know, I’ve never been that huge on the crazy new years parties. I grew up in a tiny lame ass town, and was so not one of the cool kids so I wasn’t at those parties. When I went to Uni, I was a competitive boxer so not drinking the year I really would have tore it up. Or I was at my mom’s in Smithers. So I haven’t really been into the new year thing, even when I have gone out it’s been messy and ranged from horrid to some kind of fine.

This year I didn’t want to go out and do the crazy drunken thing so we ended up going to Emma’s house to have a few drinks and watch the fireworks. That was kinda cool because her building is kinda smack dab in the middle of Taipei 101 and the Living mall. At first I was watching the 101 show but honestly it was kinda lame so I switched over to watching the living mall. I’ll upload the video as soon as I’m done processing it :).

I hung out there for a little while longer, and then went home 🙂 yeah big night :P.

I so should have written this last night I was feeling all kinds of creative juices last night and I though about getting my type on… lesson learned.



5 responses

2 01 2009

Very cool! Happy New Year!!

2 01 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

2 01 2009

🙂 you guys too!

3 01 2009

Snicker – I remember one New year’s I spent with you at your mom’s – didn’t I end up getting drunk and running into my dipshit boyfriend’s front door, looked like I headbutted it? I think I left a dent, but I felt no pain!

3 01 2009

Ha I remember that one… was that new years? I thought that was a birthday? I dunno, I know there were daiquiri’s though…. yeah you ran straight into the door, I also smacked my head into the car window because I wanted to talk to someone outside of the car 😀

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