Shed a little tear for my precious Tuesdays…

30 12 2008

Just a quick one, look look did you see my new header picture thingie?

So I’m sulking because Tuesdays are my magical day off in the middle of the week, I only tech one games class for and hour on Tuesdays.  But this week the magic has been sacrificed, I have agreed to take a private class (bleh I don’t really like privates… ) on Tuesday afternoons because really that’s when I have the most time… ooh maybe I can move it to Thursdays!!  Or maybe I won’t teach it for long.

It’s hard to pass up as it’s just sitting and conversing with someone while helping them with their conversation, grammar, and pronunciation for 800nt an hour, it’s a two hour class so that’s about $60CAD.  I’m trying to save up some money so it’s foolish to pass up  the opportunity, she needs a class for a few months because she’s going to the USA and her language skills are kinda lacking.

Oh top of that I am trying to study Chinese, so I have a Chinese class tonight as well.. sulk.  So instead of my precious Tuesday on which I revel in all the nothing I HAVE to do, I now have to teach my private class fro 2-4, then games class 4:30-5:30, and Chinese class 7:30-9:30.   That’s a full day.. damn it.  I shall sulk and waste the whole morning.. yes I shall.. TAKE THAT universe.. or something 😛

Tee hee

Oh I quite like the new Akon album, Freedom.



3 responses

30 12 2008

Love the tranquil new header thingy.

A moment of silence for Tuesday lost…. * * RIP, Tuesday.

30 12 2008

REVIVAL!!!! Tuesday has had a blip of hope! My private class canceled! Hooray
Ok ‘bu how’ I lost a little money.. but la la la the only things left are things I like so I’m happy!

30 12 2008

You’ll make the most of it.

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