ING Taipei Marathon 2008

21 12 2008

This picture is from a year or two ago, except for the shirts it's generally the same every year.

So up at 5 this morning, to get my run on in the 1/2 Marathon. The race started at 7 am, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was going to be a warm sunny day. Lemmi tell you I was not looking forward to this race, as a matter of fact I kind of wrote it off. It’s usually cold as BALLZ, and it kills me running it every year. But this year I not only wanted to take my sweatshirt off, I had to! I was so happy that (what might likely be my last ING here) was really pleasant, I love sun.

I didn’t really prepare for it and didn’t really expect that I would do very well. I really didn’t try all that hard.. and weird of weirds… I got my best time??? Go figure.

I did improve my mental game this time, I usually crap out at 17-19km’s and just generally quit. I think to my self “why the hell am I doing this… I’m tired.. poop I wanna quit”, and then around 19-20km “I’m like WTF dude, you’re almost done run you lazy ass….” I slowed down a little toward the end, but I did generally speaking keep moving, I didn’t have any real huge battle (just a little one 😉 ) with myself to keep going.

I finished the race in 2 hours, 1 minute, and 21 seconds (or 23 or 27, I forgot which one). This is amazing to me as I wasn’t trying to get under two hours (damn it .. I so!!! could have done it this time, oops), and I got my best time yet. My previous best time was 2hours, 2 mins, and 12 seconds (at least I think it was 12 seconds) so I’m pretty happy with my time this year. I’m looking forward to the next race, Feb 15th in Tainan, and March 15th in Taipei on the freeway. Maybe I’ll train this time.. I always have the best intentions :P.

Ok I’m going to have a shower, and then nap or rest for an hour or so before my Chinese class this afternoon.



7 responses

22 12 2008

See? This is why you are my hero. Seriously.

22 12 2008

great run my love your mom is proud!!!!

22 12 2008

Thanks guys

22 12 2008

Where about are you in the pic? Congrats to you!

22 12 2008

back left 😉 lol I dunno I doubt I’m in it anywhere 😛

23 12 2008

You are SUPERWOMAN! I wouldn’t survive the first five minutes of a marathon – although someday I’d like to try!

23 12 2008

I went out for the 800 m back in high school one time. That’s as close as I would come to a marathon for me.

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