Leopard Print = SEX?

19 12 2008

I was driving down the street earlier today, and I saw this motorcycle with a fleecy Leopard Print blanket on it.  The first thing I thought was, man why would someone put their sex blanket on their bike outside???

leopardprintSuddenly it occurs to me, why is that  I think a Leopard Print blanket means sex blanket?  I mean there was nothing else about the situation that seemed ‘sexy’.  Then I started thinking about if different random things, that are just what ever they happen to be in a Neutral color.  Say a pair of shoes, a note book, a purse, a fuzzy pencil, blanket, sofa etc, now piture them in your mind in white, grey, or pale blue.  Nothing, but in you mind switch each item to Leopard Print, and BAM  SKanky.

Weird hu!  Wait it gets better… take something obviously sexy or sex related, bra and panties, satin bed sheets, a dominatrix outfit.  In black or red.. ok sexy, now make it Leopard Print, BAM Tacky and whore like!

Weird hu… ?



3 responses

20 12 2008

Uggghhh! I’ve always found it totally tacky ever since!

20 12 2008

Ever since what?

20 12 2008

Ever since a loooooooooooong time ago!

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