Washing machine?

18 12 2008

And I thought I had nothing to post! and then I came across this… lol

Hmm not sure if I can get it in here…

Oh and now I’m cranky I can’t get it to embed and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. harrumph   here is the link.. you really need to go watch this washing machine commercial… let’s just say naked and sky dive… ok and watch!!! {here}



5 responses

18 12 2008

Those Europeans I tell you! Just try and get a commercial like that to play here in the US. That’ll put a spin on the whole Maytag repairman!

18 12 2008

Hahahahahah!!!! Oh my Hahahahahahaha

18 12 2008

I know right!!! 😀

19 12 2008

That’s fantastic!!!

19 12 2008

All I could think was… did they really jump like that?

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