Dining: Thai Station In Taipei

16 12 2008

Yeah, I’m totally loving this lunching thing. Went for lunch with Amanda (prettiest girl in da world … lol since I claimed I said that on my blog and now it’s true!), and Rob at this great little Thai place on the corner of Hsin Yi and Xing Sheng last Thursday.

The name is a little confusing one sign says Thai Discovery, another sign (this is the name I know it as) Thai Station. I need to go back and get the card so I can add it here.

Almost everything on the menu is around 100nt ($3.50 ~ CAD), green curry, shrimp cakes yum yum. It’s pretty simple and basic stuff but everything is delicious and it’s all pretty inexpensive. I actually I forgot about this place, until Rob asked if we could go somewhere new for lunch. I was totally stumped… Finally I remembered that Thai station was yummy and nearby.. It was awesome, I’m going to have to go there again!

Amanda is going home soon so I’m going to have to get ladies who lunch on quick :D. Also I’ve made a little list of priorities that I posted on my wall to remind my self of the things that I really want to focus on. I made a little check list too, to remind myself to drink enough water, go running etc. I’ll write an actually post about that some other time. 🙂




5 responses

16 12 2008

It something in the name Amanda that does that.

16 12 2008

mmm I dunno… this Amanda is kinda awesome 😀

17 12 2008

I think you might have to prove that. 😉 Still, I maintain it’s the name. Like, all Amanda’s come from some sort of place that just *does* that kind of awesome.

17 12 2008

Incidentally…it’s one of those “not-derived” names, either. Straight from the Latin word for “worthy of love”.

http://www.pbphoto.ca/port.htm has a young woman in front of a Coke trailer that’s rusting out in her hometown…it poured on that shoot and she still makes it work. Also, an Amanda. 😉

17 12 2008

LOL I’ll pass your words of wisdom on to her 😀

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