Getting my 中文 (Chinese) study back on!

14 12 2008

So I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to start studying Chinese again, it’s really been bothering me that I’ve lived here so long and my language skills are still sub par. Plus it’s something that is a far more marketable skill in the world wide work force, than my teaching skills. Not to dis my own skills, but being wicked in Chinese is 100% more cool, and marketable. Study Chnese

So I ordered a Palm Pilot in the states (can’t seem to get one here) and my friend in the states is going to help me install all the software for studying Chinese characters. After everything is ready it will get sent to me! woo woo… I’m getting the Pleco dictionary, which seems to be the agreed best one available plus the new version includes it’s own flashcard system. Originally, I was going to have Supermemo installed too, which is a really great flashcard system, and now that I think about it I still might. I’m pretty excited about getting that to play with, hopefully soon. YAY

Also, a few months back I was teaching a class at this office, and one of my students mentioned that she studied how to teach Chinese but she hasn’t had a chance to actually do it. I said I would pass her information on to anyone I know that wants to study. Since I returned from the states I thought it would be a good idea for me to study up, so I tried to contact her but then … . sigh,… I realized that I couldn’t find her contact number. I finally just called their company, and got transfered to her office line.

Turns out she is really keen to teach. For now I’m going to help her improve her teaching skills, and pay for her coffee when we meet and in return she is going to help me with my language skills. We’re meeting once or twice a week, my plan is one time will be a more official class with a book, and the other I’ll take her out for dinner with conversation in Chinese.

We met up for the first time yesterday afternoon, it was really great! We had a drink at Starbucks and just chatted in Chinese for ages. Finally, I realized I really needed to go to the ‘potty’ and when I was in there I glanced at my watch for the first time. Man, I totally couldn’t believe it… we had met up at 3:30 and it was already 8pm! And we hadn’t even discussed what we were going to do with the class yet!!

In the end we decided we’d meet up 1-2 times a week depending on our schedules, once on Wed evenings, and either Thursdays or sometime on the weekend. Another great thing that came from it, is speaking in Chinese for 5 hours seriously boosted my confidence. I really want to reconnect with one of my old friend Geena. She doesn’t speak any English and to be honest I was afraid to meet with her because it would really suck to meet up and then not to be able to communicate. I was thinking I would need to study for a bit before I could call her, but now I’m thinking I can call right away. So begins the adventure of trying to find her phone number :P.

Time to go learn Pinyin… bleh

heh look.. fun video from the states 😉



2 responses

15 12 2008

I love how you make your mind up to do something and act on it so quickly. Your dedication to your wants and needs is really a great quality, Magda. One that has made you into the successful, beautiful woman I see before me today.

Okay, I don’t SEE you, but you know what I mean.

(kitteh sees youz if aih dont)

15 12 2008

lol.. yes and no.. I’m like bam I’m doing this.. pew I’m bored of that… hence I’m trying to ride the high of this whole studying Chinese thing 😛

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