Don’t hate the stereotypers….

13 12 2008
Don’t hate the stereotypers…. Hate the fuckers that make the stereotypes true!
See see!!!

See see!!!

I was driving to work the other day and this chick did one of those typically mental girl girl driving maneuvers. You know the ones, brain off and meandering down the street, blocking traffic, drifting all over with out looking or thinking… GRRR Then I caught myself cursing her for being a stupid women drivers, why can’t they learn how to drive???

Then I thought, geez people would totally spazz at me for being so sexist, and to stereotype like this. And then I thought… Screw THAT.. Everyone hates on the people who succumb to the stereotypes… but who we should all be really hating are the jackasses, morons and ridiculous ass munches who make the stereotypes true.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are assholes and they just stereotype people for no reason. Or they jump to that conclusion all quick like.

It’s not always true… but really, more often than not, those stereotypes come from somewhere… millions of people do the things to make those stereotypes true. For example… women drivers… loads of women are perfectly good drivers, and loads of guys are morons on the road. BUT, there are all these women whole trundle around on the road with a bag over their head… and they are the ones that should be DESTROYED. lol ok not really, I just like to stir the pot.

😀 Now come on, bring the hate comments … lol

PS…. all that said a friend was spazzing about this Serbian dude who was being a massive dick at the bar and my friend was harping on and on about him being Serbian. I got pissed off, pointing out dude being Serbian was not a real factor.. dude being a drunk asshole was the contributing factor not the dude’s heritage. So I guess the stereotypers irritate me sometimes too… 😉 I guess someone will just have to decide which ones are ok and which are not. Not worry folks, I will take this burden. I’m a hero like that… you all just follow my lead 😉



3 responses

14 12 2008

ROFL – I just love how you hit the nail right on the head. I miss you… 🙂

14 12 2008

Heh… exactly, always love those who understand me :D! miss you too!

15 12 2008

Oh it would be so nice not to ever come across it!

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