Perfect Strangers

11 12 2008

Man, do you remember this show? How can you not.. it has Balki!!

Anyway I don’t remember what it was that reminded me of it.. but something did and I got all excited! 😀 I have watched season one and part of season two. So very retarded.. but I’m loving it.

The dance of joy! I remember I loved Balki so much, he still cracks me up. MMm Mepos…

I’m watching the episode where they win a trip to Vegas… and Balki is flipping out about the vibrating bed… I’m dying I remember seeing Bronson Pinchot in other series and movies and just musing about good ole Balki.



One response

11 12 2008

He was in two movies, “Risky Business” and “Beverly Hill Cop”. Those are the ones I remember seeing him in.

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