Lunch at Sababas

10 12 2008

First I would like to say it sucks my friend Amanda is going home, I mean it all great that she is going home and will get to be with her family for Christmas… but what about me and ladies who lunch? lol I’m just kidding.

In the past couple of month we have been going for lunches and it’s been super fun.. plus then we get to be ladies who lunch! yay!

We usually pop around to places that are kinda central in the city, so she can walk from work. We’ve hit up The Diner, The California Grill, Mykanos, and a few others. Today we went to Sababas. For those who don’t know, that was the place that Trace and I were going to open up.

Basically it’s a form of middle eastern style fast food, falafels, pita sandwiches. humus… things like that. It’s very yummy and a meal generally comes to about 170nt ($6~ CAD) , everything on the menu is usually around 100 nt individually ($3.50~). I really like it, my favourite is the Gi Pi Pita (fried chicken filet), with Egyptian Cigar (Cheese stick thing) and a drink.

There are 4 locations at the moment, Yong Kang, Breeze, Gong Guan, and He Ping, the addresses and phone numbers are all really easy to find on their web page [here] and they have the full menu with prices on there as well if you wanted to have a peak. πŸ™‚ It’s one of those places that are great because it’s cheap, easy and usually quick, but you don’t want to eat there everyday (like subway) or you’ll just get tired of it. I usually go once a week or so and that seems kinda perfect as I am always stoked to go again.

Hmm I don’t know how I am at this reviewing business…. what do you guys think?

lol.. lets add a poll!!! (first time I’m so excited…) less excited now that it was a big drama and pain in the ass to make work… stupid counter intuitive buttons….



2 responses

11 12 2008

I voted “meh”. Mainly cuz I’m not there and couldn’t care less, as I’m not going to be eating there. On the other hand, it’s kinda cool to read about places in another country. So basically “meh” fits.

11 12 2008

I think who cares/ wow so cool would fit your vote better πŸ˜‰

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