Feeling a little sick & Festive nails

8 12 2008

When ever I start feeling sick I always feel this need for soup. And since I only like one kind of soup you can buy here I usually just make my own.

If I wasn’t so lazy I would cook at home all the time, I really like cooking, and my food is num num. Although some might not agree :). I’m sure Tracey thinks I’m crazy with the gizzards.. chuckle Made some on Sat yum.. love gizzards, can’t make them too often though because I’ll just be a piggy 😛

And today I made some Chicken ginger soup.. healing properties and all 🙂 You sometimes I think I have something to say I type for a while and realize.. nope nadda .. ha

Ah yes I’ve been doing my nails again… and I’m being such a silly monkey.. right now they are green with red stripes and white tips.  Last week they were red with Green tips, and then later red green spots and white tips :D.  I’m such a dork.. pink with red stripes to come!  Christmas nails, oh Christmas nails…..




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