People who can’t answer simple questions are annoying

7 12 2008

So I went on my run this afternoon, and on my way back I stopped at the MRT to use the bathroom. It was really weird though the MRT was closed and they were running a ‘free shuttle bus’ in it’s stead. This pricked up my curiosity, so I foolishly thought the best way to find out what was up was to ask some questions. All who have lived here are shaking their heads right now in amazement at how dumb I am.

Why is this stupid you ask? Yeah wait and see.

I tried reading the sign first because I know asking questions here is gernally a painful experience, but the sign just said that the mrt was to be closed on Sat and Sun for the next two months due to testing of the new neihu line.

I thought hey, they can probably answer a couple of easy question. Sigh So I asked if they had a map of the ‘new lines’, and what do they give me .. the current map. So I ask they guy when the new lines will be opening, and he proceeds to explain to me that they aren’t open now…. Seriously… ?? How exactly do you get from “when will the new lines being built open” to ANYthing involving them being open yet. Then he keeps telling me they won’t be opening that fast and ignoring my actual questions.

Finally I got pissed, I had to ask him to shut his mouth for a second and actually try listening to my question. Eventually after much drama I managed to get that the projected opening of the neihu line wouldn’t be until June 2009. TRIUMPH! But can I leave well enough alone? No… of course not… I have to ask more stupid questions. I have tried to find out a few times when the new lines are expected to open and though hey who would know better than MRT employees…. wrong. Another 10 minutes of pure frustration at the end of which (I ended it by just leaving) I wanted to poke dude in the eye. If he had just said, sorry I really have no idea. I wouldn’t have cared but the whole song and dance about how they can’t tell people projected dates because it causes blah blah blah and how there is just no way to know when and blah.. I mean I was just asking for a ball park guess… 2 years 5 years .. I wanted to slap him.

Rant complete… now I’m going to enjoy my hot chocolate… yum.



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7 12 2008

Ask a simple question and instead you get…… I had some hot chocolate as well.

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