Holy Ballz it’s cold

5 12 2008

So I worked at the editing place yesterday and today, and that wasn’t too bad. Made my neck and wrist kinda sore though… meh. But it looks like it’s a pretty chill way to make some extra cash with out having to deal with students or privates. So we’ll see how that ends up working out.

So I was driving home from the thing, and I felt like my hands were going to break off from the cold. And I swear to god I hit ever god damn red light on the way home I kept trying to fix my bad light luck… but no no.. frozen hands for the whole way home. Which, by the way, that is ridiculous as it’s only 14 degrees… but.. sniffle.. that’s freaking cold here… it’s not like I can turn my heat on or anything.

I swear I had something I wanted to write today but damned if I can bloody remember what it was. Ah well… I’ll write it if it comes to me.

Did I mention I wanted to start studying Chinese again?




2 responses

5 12 2008

I think that is a great idea when you want to leave Taiwan it will really help you to get a job in Canada or the states as that will pay decent

5 12 2008

Yeah that’s part of what I have on my mind 🙂 I mean it’s such a marketable skill that it seems really stupid to not take advantage while I can.

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