1 12 2008

So I have this horrible little secret… I have this sick love for those horrid little Hugh Grant movies… you know the ones with the exact same plot and just a different female lead every time… Julia, Drew, and Sandra.. Well I hide my shame no more!!! (God first I bust out my love for Kenny and now this.. where will it stop??)

So I was watching (listening to) music and lyrics while I cleaned my desk the other night.. and man I love that song at the beginning… “and then pop goes my heart… da dada” lol

I even made a video of me grooving to it for a second… I’m such and weinnie 😀

But a silly gleefully Weenie… (with Banana bread.. yum, I made some last night because I was sulking over no turkey)




4 responses

2 12 2008

Who’s Kenny?

2 12 2008

god you are a romantic that is why you love this stuff….lol just like your mom…lol apple…. tree…..t..heee…..t…heee

2 12 2008


3 12 2008

And she believes in me!

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