Chicago, Buses, Trains and Planes

3 11 2008

So I was pleased to discover that my flight actually left Tokyo not too long after it arrived so I was only wandering like a looser for an hour and then it was time to board. The flight was fine.. it was a flight .. long boring same ole same ole.

When I got into Chicago I made a couple of calls to my friends here to let them know I arrived. Went scouting for the train so I could go to Carla’s, and took out my US sym card (that I had kept in my wallet for over a damn year). Immigration was a breeze, got my luggage right away no problems. So far everything was just awesome.. but of course it was not meant to be flowers and bunnies. 😛

On my way to the transit train to get the real train, I somehow managed to break the wheel on my suitcase (it got caught in the space between the train and the platform), I some how lost that sim card I’ve been carrying for a year. It probably didn’t work anymore anyway.. and that is what I’ll continue to tell myself to console myself… sulk. Then I get the the train, and I need exact change .. so I’ll have to drag my bag back where I came from to get change???? No way I just paid with my credit card and paid a little too much… then I get on the train only to discover they are doing construction on the line so a couple of stops later we are all kicked off the train and put on a bus… the bus carts us all over bloody town making what should have been a 5 min trip a 30 min trip, only to take us back to the train where I must drag my broken suitcase back on the train.. sigh.

Finally got to Carla’s a little before 6. It was really great to get to see Carla again, her place is really nice. We went out for dinner at this little Italian place near her house had a couple of drinks and caught up on things. Then came back to the house and had a fun evening chilling at the house and chatting with her boyfriend Mike. Who is really very nice :), plus she seems happy and that’s what really matters.

They’ve gone to bed because the grown ups have to go to work in the morning, and I’ll be heading to bed as soon as I finish on here. 🙂 Tomorrow, turns out Rick is taking some time off work and the boys are driving down here to pick me up (THANK GOD, I was so not looking forward to the bus and train again with my damn bag). I’m excited to see everyone and hang out…

Ok falling asleep while I type, I’m too tired suddenly to go back and check for errors .. so forgive me if there are any biggies



6 responses

3 11 2008

Where’s your hand?

Between two pillows!

Those aren’t pillows!

3 11 2008

Woowoo! Mag is in North America!

But still a BILLION miles away!


4 11 2008

holy fuck! one of THOSE days!

4 11 2008

lol ray .. you so silly.. at least I’m in a reasonable time zone now 😀

Nadine.. I know right!!!

4 11 2008

Super jet lag for sure!

4 11 2008

Sounds like an adventure!

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