Things that I learned today

2 11 2008

Technically yesterday, as it is past midnight.. but it’s not tomorrow till I sleep or the sun comes up.. so meh.

  1. Taiwan train schedules are just a possibility/guideline … not actual schedules
  2. Trying to sleep, when you have a race in a few hours… nigh on impossible
  3. Train and bus friends are fun
  4. Running a 1/2 marathon is easy, running a 1/2 marathon in a mountainous gorge.. with some serious uphill-ness not so easy
  5. Running 10km up a hill is HARD, and running back down it is hella hard on your knees and ankles
  6. Not making my goal of under 2hrs was crushing, especially as I could have on a flat surface this time… I’m certain… sucks
  7. Lacerations, sweaty bloody ones, that don’t hurt and you don’t even feel… BURN like hell as soon as they get hit with water…. (possibly the most painful shower I have ever had)
  8. Waxing your bikini line, when you have lacerations on your bikini line, totally beats out the pain of the shower laceration pain business
  9. Packing sucks ass

I was going to write more details… but really I don’t think it’s necessary 🙂

Oh and my race stats: Rank 301, Time 2hrs 3mins 43 secs, overall place 450, Rank in group (women 30-39) 9th



6 responses

2 11 2008

Well your dont beat your self up too hard on the 3 min and 43 sec, cause your my hero for just doing the 1/2 marathon up hill or not. LOVES you!!!

2 11 2008

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. You are my total Shero.

2 11 2008

OMG,the waxing your bikini line with sores… hahaha, now you know how the rest of us feel about that particular experience!!!! ;P

3 11 2008

Thanks Bex and Dee

Trace.. rot and die … lol just kidding yeah dude nothing like a little perspective I don’t know why you all bother if its THAT ouchy all the time… 😀

4 11 2008

pats on the back for magda – for running an awesome maraton AND surviving the waxing ordeal!

4 11 2008

yeah I got back pats.. i know right the waxing was ass.. lol I don’t know how most people do it!!! If it hurts like that.. I mean GEEZ Chuckle

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