Choose Taipei

2 11 2008

Not that you get to pick which airports you are horribly stuck and bored in … but if you did… I highly recomend Taipei’s airport.  There are the usual aray of shops with shiny things, and there are definately things that could be improved upon.  (although they have recently put a subway in 🙂 )  But is the ONLY airport I have ever been in that has free internet access and computers all over the place.  Just sitting around for your online entertainment.

Some are provided by the airport and some belong to the duty free shop they are next to.  There is no time limit, juts the honor system if you’ve been on for a while and someone is waiting, get off.  Otherwise stay and clickity click to your heart’s content.  And they have them all standing so in all likelyhood no one is going to get themselves truely ensconsed and not be willing to leave the computer (bored or not how long can you just stand in one spot :P).

Anyway it’s to bad I’m never transfering though Taipei, I’m always stucking in fucking Japan where they charge you out the wazzoo for everything and there is virtually nothing to do.  That and I know that immigration and customs at the Taipei airport are hella fast so showing up 1/2-2 hours before your flight is massively early (that’s what Idid today and lookie lookie after ‘sight seeing’ here I am on the computer), now I’m going to be transfering to Tokyo where I will try to survive the pure boredom of the airport.. maybe I’ll sleep for the 4 freaking hours I have wait for my fricken plane.  The worst part is I’ve missed a flight before because of delays on my connecting flight, so I actually do understand why they need such a big gap between flight… but PLEH. 

So this morning I discover a whole little garden of blisters on my feet, good times.  OH and I’m sure you will all be excited to know I have, for the first time in my whole life, experienced the stinky shoe thing!  Apparently if you run a marathon, next dump your sweaty marathon clothes on your shoes, then leave them in a bag, then wash the clothes and (fuck!! I forgot to pack my sports bra!!!) not the shoes… they stink very much badly.

Damn I knew I was forgetting something, oh well, I always need more anyway 🙂

I should prolly go wait by my gate.  The next installment will come when I have computer access again… or maybe I’ll be too busy having fun 😉




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